Summertime And The DIY Is Easy: 10 Green Projects (with video)

Have you vowed to step off the fast-track and slow down this summer? With the emergence of hot days and long evenings, it’s the perfect time to kick back, unplug, get creative and indulge in some summertime DIY.

10 Summertime Green DIY Projects

1. Make a batch of Natural Sunscreen and soak up some vitamin D.

2. Build a Solar Backpack and go for a walk.

3. Create an Outdoor Theater for your family. It will be a fabulous addition to your staycation activities.

4. Make a summer Tablecloth From Bandanas for your picnic table.

5. Cool off with some Homemade Cocoa Body Cream after a day at the beach.

6. Make a Beach Tote Bag From a Towel for your barefoot home.

7. Flip-flops + old towel = Comfy Slippers to put on after taking a cool outdoor shower.

8. Add a Beach Garden in a Pot to enhance your summer décor.

9. Make a Sun Jar Solar Light from a canning jar and hang out under the stars or on a porch.

10. Make Natural Mosquito Repellent from witch hazel, aloe vera, tea tree oil and eucalyptus to keep the bugs at bay.


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