Superfood: 10 Tasty Kale Recipes

Are you a fan of kale?

Just like chia seeds, kale is considered a “superfood” because it’s so nutritionally dense. This dark leafy green is packed full of fiber and vitamins. In fact, just one little cup of cooked kale contains:

  • 2.5 grams of protein
  • 354 percent of your RDA for vitamin A (beta-carotene)
  • 89 percent of your RDA for vitamin C
  • 1328 percent of your RDA for vitamin K
  • 27 percent of your RDA for manganese

Its high beta-carotene content means it helps protect your body from cancer and heart disease and the vitamin K helps keep your blood healthy and may even contribute to good bone health. Manganese also contributes to bone health.

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Kale also has a good balance of calcium to magnesium, which makes it great for your bones. We know that calcium is critical to bone health, but did you know that your body needs magnesium in order to properly absorb calcium? Without a proper balance of magnesium, calcium can even contribute to conditions like arthritis.

So! Are you ready to get some more kale into your diet? Check out these delicious kale recipes!


dilled kale recipe

You can enjoy kale cooked or raw, so let’s start with some cooked kale recipes.

1. Kale chips – Toss your kale with a little olive oil and bake them up for a crunchy, nutritious snack! Here’s a solid kale chip recipe to try out.

2. Dilled kale, beets, and tofu – You might not think that dill and kale go well together, but throw some beets into the mix, and you’ve got a delicious, easy dinner dish!

3. Kale and bean soup – it might feel a little hot for soup right now, but stash away this kale and white bean soup recipe for cooler weather. You won’t be sorry!

4. Sri Lanka kale with coconut – Shredded coconut makes this tasty kale dish filling and yummy.

5. Sesame noodles with kaleThis kale dish works as a side or as a main course – you decide!

Cooked kale is delicious, but like I mentioned above you can also enjoy this superfood in the raw. Check out some raw kale recipes on the next page!

photo by Becky Striepe

green smoothie

Proponents of raw food say that cooking breaks down a food’s vitamin and mineral content. Luckily, there are lots of tasty ways to get some raw kale into your diet!

6. Raw Tuscan kale salad – 101 Cookbooks has a delicious recipe for a raw kale salad. You can leave off the cheese to make this a vegan dish!

7. Raw kale avocado saladHappy Foody’s raw kale salad is filling enough to eat as a main dish, if you add some raw nuts to bulk it out.

8. Make a green smoothie – toss a handful of raw kale (ribs removed) into your next smoothie for a nutritional boost.

9. Raw sesame kaleThis recipe reminds me a little bit of oshitashi, that steamed Japanese spinach dish. Yum!

10. Raw kale and broccoli salad – Heather Nauta pairs up raw kale with another superfood – broccoli – for a tasty, nutritious dish.

photo by Becky Striepe

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