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Mayday! Mayday!

I’m pleased to announce that the Money Bomb Against Monsanto has been officially launched!

Yes, it is official.

Volunteers and staff from the California Right to Know Campaign are submitting nearly 1 million signed petitions from registered voters across the state of California to county officials, to place Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act on the Ballot for November 6.

Starting May 1, and extending through May 26, a broad coalition of farmers, health groups, and organic food manufacturers, will attempt to raise one million dollars (i.e. “The Money Bomb”). Donations can be made online, via regular snail mail, and over the phone. All donations will support state GMO-labeling campaigns and their defense from biotech bully lawsuits.

The Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act

This Act will require food manufacturers to identify genetically engineered ingredients on the labels of foods sold in California.

When California voters pass this ballot initiative, the Label Genetically Engineered Food Act will also not allow the common practice of mislabeling genetically engineered foods as “natural” or “all natural.” It’s imperative to understand why this initiative is so important and how it can affect all Americans, regardless of where you live.

California has the eighth largest economy in the world, so passing a labeling law for genetically engineered foods in California can have the same impact as passing a federal law.

Large food companies are unlikely to accept having dual labeling; one for California and another for the rest of the country. It would be an expensive logistical nightmare, not to mention a massive PR problem.

To avoid the dual labeling, many would likely opt to not include using any genetically engineered ingredients in their product, especially if the new label would be the equivalent of a skull and crossbones. Those who opt not to replace GE ingredients from the get-go will likely find themselves unable to sell their products, as a majority of consumers reportedly will not buy foods once they know they’re genetically engineered. Unable to sell their products, such companies will eventually be forced to stop contaminating our food with genetically engineered ingredients, or risk going out of business.

This is what happened in Europe and over 40 countries around the world. It can happen in the U.S. This is why we can’t leave California to battle the biotech giants on their own.

Do you know which foods are genetically engineered when you go grocery shopping for your family?  Wouldn’t you want to know?  Genetically engineered foods have been on the market since 1996. It’s time they tell us what’s in the food we’re eating on a daily basis.

The Proverbial David versus Goliath

Naturally, the biotech industry is not about to let this pass without a fight. Monsanto, the Farm Bureau, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, along with corporate agribusiness, are all raising millions of dollars to spread their propaganda in an effort to defeat the California Ballot Initiative, just like they did a decade ago in Oregon.  At that time, a cabal of corporate giants, including Monsanto and DuPont, calling themselves The Coalition Against the Costly Labeling Law, outspent the pro-labeling group 30-1, and successfully defeated the labeling initiative by scaring voters into believing that labeling genetically engineered foods was  unnecessary and would raise food prices.

They did it again in Washington state last month, where campaign contributions to three of the eight politicians on the Senate Agriculture Committee—Democrat Brian Hatfield, and Republicans Jim Honeyford and Mark Schoesler—guaranteed the bill’s demise in committee. Right now, the biotech industry is also working to defeat similar GE labeling bills in Vermont, Hawaii, Connecticut, and other states. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Monsanto spent $8 million on their lobbying efforts in 2010 alone, and gave more than $400,000 in political contributions. Monsanto also spent $120 million on advertising, to convince consumers that genetically engineered foods are safe – despite the overwhelming scientific evidence showing otherwise.

Let’s send them a message, loud and clear: We have the right to know what they put into our food!

We’re Dropping the Money Bomb!

About 20 years ago, the FDA decided to deny consumers the right to know whether their food was genetically altered or not. This shameful regulation was spearheaded by Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lawyer who transferred into the offices of the FDA. Taylor is not the only ex-Monsanto employee that ended up in a position of power within the US federal government and its regulatory agencies, and this is precisely why previous efforts to get genetically engineered foods labeled have been blocked.

Not so this time!

Ballot Initiatives like the one in California is one way for citizens to take back control from compromised politicians and government officials and bypass them entirely.  To sweeten the deal further, a group of “Right to Know” public interest organizations and organic companies have pledged to match the first million dollars raised in this nationwide “Drop the Money Bomb on Monsanto Campaign.”

Help us raise 1 million dollars to win this historic campaign! These “Right to Know” groups include:

  • The Organic Consumers Association
  • Food Democracy Now
  • Nature’s Path
  • Lundberg Family Farms
  • Eden Foods
  • The Organic Consumers Fund
  • Institute for Responsible Technology

Can We Win?

Yes, I believe we can!  But we need to get the word out, which requires a strong campaign to educate the citizens of California to vote for the initiative on November 6. According to Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association, we stand a good chance of winning in California because:

  • This time, we have far more scientific information and greater public awareness on our side. GE contamination is now a mainstream media issue. Monsanto has become the most hated corporation in the  world.
  • This time, we have overwhelming public support. Polls show that more than 8 out of 10 voters in California want mandatory GE labeling.
  • This time, we have built the strongest coalition of concerned food consumers in history, for the  exclusive purpose of passing this law.

The Time for Action is NOW!

Today, I ask you to invest  in this Initiative. Invest in your future. And invest as generously as you can.  If you’ve already sent in your donation, thank you! If not, please contribute to this historic and critical campaign today. And then please forward this email to your friends. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Print it out, hand it to all your friends. Every action counts!

As stated by Ronnie Cummins with the Organic Consumers Association:

“Monsanto is one of the most powerful, arrogant and destructive companies in the world.  For decades, they have controlled the world’s food supply by buying off politicians and regulatory agencies, intimidating small farmers, manipulating the outcome of scientific studies, lying to consumers – and threatening to sue states like Vermont if they dare to pass a GMO labeling law.

…  Despite Monsanto’s claims to the contrary, scientists are clear: genetically engineered food has been linked to a wide range of health hazards, including kidney and liver damage, infertility, auto-immune disorders, allergies and autism, accelerated aging, and birth defects…

We have the right to know if the food we buy has been genetically engineered…. It’s time to take back our food. Our farms. Our power. It’s time to show Monsanto what ordinary people like us can do when we come together. It’s time to drop the money bomb on Monsanto.”

Hundreds of thousands of people making small donations can help the coalition behind this initiative run a dynamic, effective campaign to bring down Monsanto and the rest of the Biotech Bullies.

So please, join us, and make a donation right now! You can donate online, by phone, or by dropping a check in the mail.


Angel Campbell
Angel Campbell5 years ago

Boycott monsanto and buy organic.

.5 years ago

It's a real shame we have so many stupid people here in Canada who voted for the warmonger corporate drone Stephen Harper who opposes letting people know what they are eating. It's unlikely he will last out his term and hopefully he will be charged and convicted for the crimes he and his cronies have committed.

Julianna D.
Juliana D5 years ago

I REALLY wish I had extra money to donate, but I'm broke, all I can do is vote for it when it comes up, and spread the word as much as i can.

Linda P.
Linda P5 years ago

We have the right to know what is in the food we consume. You are doing an injustice to all of us by hiding things from the public. It is wrong, don't allow these companies to do this anymore.

Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

hope they topple Monsatan!!

Carol P.
Carol P5 years ago

Just label it.

Frank Payne
Frank Payne5 years ago

I am from South Africa, one of the top 10 GMO invaded countries in the world, where legislation has been passed regarding labelling of food. However the requirements are not stringent enough in that notification of the presence of GM seed or the fact that Roundup was used in seed production is not required to be disclosed. well over 90% of maize and soya production is genetically modified and nothing indicates on labels that it is so. I have written to newspapers and investigative TV programmes, referring them to Prof. Huber's work on GM production, as well as the adverse effects that he attributes to Monsanto's Roundup products. This has had some gratifying coverage, but the message needs to be aggressively promoted as the general lack of knowledge and apathy runs rampant. This whole subject needs concerted worldwide attention to get people to realize the dangers the face. Any help and support that we can get from around the world from caring people passing this information on to friends and families in South Africa, to help in making them aware of what is happening would be very welcome. we nee to exert pressure on our government agricultural departments and parliament, to face up to and deal decisively with this time bomb. Good hunting in getting the subject out in the open in the USA, where it seems that unrestricted official permission is being given to the unbridled expansion of GM produced crops and genetically engineered pesticide treatment of crops is concerned. Thi

Phyllis Smith
Phyllis Smith5 years ago

I have watched Food Inc. It really got to the truth! Label all our food,it is our right to know what we are buying & eating!

Phyllis Smith
Phyllis Smith5 years ago

Label everything! We need to know,& I believe it is our right to know!

chris b.
chris B5 years ago

RE: above article - please consider viewing the documentary 'Food, Inc.'. It will give you the names of other Monsanto lawyers who ended up in other positions like in the FDA. What a racket! Monsanto, king of 'worst'.