How Your Taste Buds Can Aid Weight Loss

“I am a foodie, so I can’t help putting on weight,” some people say. A ‘foodie’ is someone who relishes food—which means, he or she has taste buds with an acute sense of taste, leading to more eating and more weight gain, right?


Research reveals something very interesting about the reason for weight gain. It is actually people with a less acute sense of taste who are more likely to gain weight. This theory is corroborated by Dr. Alan Hirch, M.D., Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

Think about it: when your taste buds are working as they should, you require less sugar, less salt and less oil to experience the flavor of foods you eat. Also, you experience satiety exactly when you should—a little before the stomach sends an ‘I am full’ signal.

But in today’s world, the overload of processed foods has led to a numbing of the taste buds. They are confused when items have layers of conflicting flavors—salty upon sugary upon greasy. In order to detect these tastes accurately, taste buds are forced to go into overdrive. The result is that they lose their sensitivity, and coax you to desire more quantities, leading to weight gain. So an overweight ‘foodie’ is likely a person with a less acute sense of taste.

Now comes the good news: you can recalibrate your taste buds! They can (excuse the pun) become your best buds in the quest for weight loss. To do that, all you have to do is cut down on processed foods.

Gradually, when you switch to more wholesome foods, you will find an amazing difference: you will be satisfied with much lower amounts of sugar, salt and fat. This should take just a few weeks.

Try it, and soon, you will find you don’t have to try too hard to lose weight.

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Kylie J.
Kylie J.4 years ago

That was very interesting.I never thought that taste buds could be that handy in losing weight.The information really rocks.I am certainly going to give it a try.It was only after reading your article have I realized the importance of chewing food.It was like what mom always said 'Chew your food properly coz your stomach does not have teeth'.

Donna Ferguson
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interesting! ty

Carol P.
Carol P4 years ago

I like the optimistic end note of this post. The more people we can get off of processed foods, the better.

Neill Abayon
Neill Abayon4 years ago

I believe in this. Abnormal sense of taste is the main reason why people who are obese are eating large amounts of food. Their sense of taste isn't normal so they tend to consume more and more not knowing that it is already too much, all they want is to satisfy their taste with foods they want.

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So interesting, thanks for sharing.

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she's right - it works