Swap Conversation Hearts for Conversation Fruit on V-Day

Your kids have no doubt brought home instructions for a Valentine’s party at their school, and you may even be mulling over how to treat the loves of your life on this oh-so-sweet holiday. (Sweet as in mushy-gushy love, but also sweet as in the cavity-waiting-to-happen on your grocer’s holiday aisle end-cap.) We’re all for decadent dark chocolate on occasion; in fact, some say an ounce a day of 70 percent or darker chocolate can be good for your heart. But that milk chocolate stuff molded in to heart shapes and filled with a variety of goos is just processed junk. How does that say “I love you”?

We recently ventured on to Pinterest (we couldn’t resist either) and found a treasure trove of healthy food and foodless ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day. More than showering dear ones with gobs of calories, manufactured sentiments, and soon-to-die flowers, we love the idea of expressing your feelings in a much simpler and healthy way.

This idea by Kathleen at Twig & Thistle just had to be shared. On Valentine’s Day, put a sweet new twist on the fruit basket by turning each piece of fruit into a big juicy version of those candy conversation hearts. Your kids could even take this “conversation” fruit as their school Valentine gift.

You’ll need oranges, apples, pears, and bananas. For each one, you’ll apply a sticker that says:

“Orange You Glad You’re My Valentine”

“We Make a Great Pear”

“I’m Going Bananas Over You”

“You’re the Apple of My Eye”

They’re clever, adorable, and best of all, oh-so-good for your sweetie. You can easily make these stickers yourself with supplies from a craft store, or Kathleen has an Etsy shop where you can print them yourself.

The adorable pun-tastic gifts don’t have to stop there!

Round-out your Valentine’s Day fruit basket with a little healthy protein. Put together a bag of unsalted, fresh mixed nuts. Are you ready for this? Attach a tag that says “I’m nuts about you!”

Wake up your Valentine to a bag of their favorite fresh coffee beans with a note that says “I’ve bean crushing on you.”

Sharing a jar of local honey deserves a tag that almost writes itself. Add a handmade tag that says “Glad you’re my honey!” Bonus, it’s one of 7 aphrodisiac foods perfect for adding a little romance to your evening.

If you really want to show your Valentine that you care, show them that you actually spent some time thinking about or working on a gift that’s fun and simple; it will be far more meaningful than the dime-a-dozen grocery store gifts that everyone else is giving this year.

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