Swine Flu Parties

Wasn’t it nice this summer not to have to hear about swine flu every day? Well no sooner did the thermometer drop below scorching and lo and behold, swine flu is making the headlines again. According to a WHO briefing last week, evidence from multiple outbreak sites demonstrates that the swine flu virus has rapidly established itself and is now the dominant influenza strain in most parts of the world. Also in the news is one of the latest swine flu trends: the “swine flu party.” I’m not sure what the decorations would be, and what would be in the goody bags? Boxes of tissue and plenty of fluids? But, woohoo, you’re invited!

“Swine flu parties” are gatherings in which people come together to swap germs with a person who has “novel H1N1 flu” (which is, by the way, the CDC‘s upgraded name for swine flu) in order to become infected with the virus. The intent of these parties is for a person to become infected with what for many people has been a mild disease, in the hope of having natural immunity to the virus that might become a more severe disease later.

The CDC does not recommend swine flu parties as a way to protect against future infection with novel H1N1 flu: While the disease seen in the current novel H1N1 flu outbreak has been mild for many people, it has been severe and even fatal for others. There is no way to predict with certainty what the outcome will be for an individual or, equally important, for others to whom the intentionally infected person may spread the virus.

Rather than deliberately exposing yourself to the virus, or exposing others to it if you have it, the CDC recommends that people with novel H1N1 flu avoid contact with others as much as possible. If you are sick with flu-like illness, you should stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone except to get medical care or for other necessities.

Not long ago when my kids were at the chicken-pox vaccination age, many of my mom-friends talked about chicken pox parties based on a similar premise. Some were adamant about surrendering to infection so that they could have control over it and avoid vaccinations. What are your thoughts on “virus parties”? Would you deliberately expose yourself or your children to novel H1N1 flu, or another virus, in order to build immunity? I’m very interested in hearing both sides of this story. RSVP in the comment field below!

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Jo S.
Jo S2 years ago

Thank you Melissa.

Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago


Jessica K.
Jessica K7 years ago

Well, there you go. It takes all types, I suppose.

Jo C.
Jo C8 years ago

No I will NOT attend and tempt fate?

Donna B.
Donna B8 years ago

Ok, I am stunned.

Justin Walter
Past Member 8 years ago

I haven’t heard about “swine flu parties” and if I did, I don’t know if I would willingly expose my children. By the same token, I’m not completely convinced a shot is necessary either. Two of my children have had chicken pox and luckily for us everything turned out ok.
As I write this, my 4 year old is home from pre-school yesterday and today. He did run a fever and I’m taking him (along with myself) to the Dr. this pm because I suspect he has an ear infection.
I guess I’m with you Lisa, if any of my kids happen to get swine flu I would hope they got it earlier in the season not only to get it “over with” but to build their immune systems.

Ancil S.
Ancil S8 years ago

I'm speechless!

christina w.
christina w8 years ago

As A child I attented a neighbors chicken pox "party" and got my virus shed "goodie" bag so I could play with all the children at my apartment building and get the virus over with before I got any older.....crazy, right? Probably one of the only circumstances that it is o.k. I now have lifetime immunity compared to those who had a vaccine and now will need boosters as an adult to prevent becoming infected as adults when the virus can cause severe damage, even death. Now talk about the Flu and these parties and you really are crazy! Any one with flu needs to stay home and not leave for like a whole week! Call anyone you know to drop off food for you at your door and tell them to run. You don't know how it is going to affect you and there is a possibility that there are more than one strain to reinfect you so if you think a party will knock it off your radar, think again, and start boosting your immunity now for a quick recovery should you happen upon it. !

Kevin E.
kevaquarian E8 years ago

Faith - what do you mean "exposes her child to the flu"? Could you clarify please? Thanks.

Faith C.
Faith C8 years ago

Any mother who exposes her child to this flu should be charged with child abuse. It's mainly children who are dying from it. What non-sense.