Switch Your Showerhead To Save Water and Money?

Is a low-flow showerhead a good investment for you?

One way to find out is to test how many seconds it take to fill a gallon of water held under your shower. The answer to this will determine if you will save water and water heating expenses with a change in showerhead.

All you need to perform this easy test is a bucket that can hold a gallon of water and a watch with a second hand!

1. Turn on the shower.
2. Hold a bucket under the water. Before doing this, mark off a gallon so you know when the bucket fills that far.
3. Using a watch with a second hand, time how long it takes the bucket to fill one gallon. Time how long it takes to fill the gallon bucket (or to the 1-gallon mark, 3.8 liters in a larger bucket).

If it takes under 20 seconds to fill one gallon, you will save a lot of water and water heating expense if you buy a low-flow showerhead.

By Annie B. Bond


Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

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James Merit5 years ago

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mr Crowley
mr Crowley7 years ago

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Elisabeth T7 years ago

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Jenni Miller7 years ago

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