What Do Your Teeth Say About Your Health? (Infographic)

It turns out that flossing might do more than just help prevent cavities. There is a strong link between the health of your teeth and certain health conditions. Check out the infographic below for more!

From gum disease to heart disease, your teeth and gums speak volumes about your overall health. Brushing twice a day is critical to dental health, but I’ve had dentists tell me that flossing is even more important than brushing. So, grab yourself a spool of carcinogen-free dental floss to help protect yourself from some of these conditions:

teeth and health

Source: Daily Infographic

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Thanks, Becky. I floss everyday...just don't feel right when I don't :)

Steffany Mohan
Steffany Mohan4 years ago

Great info, thank you so much for sharing! I believe that there is a definite link between clean teeth and the rest of the body. All that plaque goes elsewhere can't be good.But I'm a bit confused in knowing the fact that some bacteria from a bad mouth can affect other organs like heart and causes stroke.

Summerannie Moon
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useful, thank you for sharing.

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just had my second wisdom tooth removed... but i am really weird about my teeth. I floss every day or every other, and cant sleep if i havent brushed

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