Text While You Shop for Safe Toys

Shopping for toys can feel unexpectedly harrowing due to fears of lead and, as hard as it is to believe, even the date rape drug GHB in toys. While many of us look over the lists we’ve happened upon over the last few months, how can you be sure that the toys you’re buying are safe?

To help inform on-the-go parents and friends,
MomsRising.org, an organization that advocates on issues of motherhood and family issues, has set up a new service that allows you to get information about toys via your cell phone while you’re shopping! With the help of

information is available online for more than 1,250 toys that have been tested for common chemicals. To access this info, simply text: healthytoys [toy name] to 41411.

So, for example, text healthytoys Dora the Explorer Doodle Mat to 41411. You will receive a reply back to your phone with test results if it is in the HeathyToys.org database. Type in the exact name on toy packaging for the most specific results.

Terri Hall-Jackson lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and two young children. In addition to writing, Terri works with public television and radio stations/networks in the area of new media, and leads workshops on authentic and empowered living.

By Terri Hall-Jackson, contributing writer to Care2's Green Living


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