The 10 Cutest Cat Videos Ever (Slideshow)


Next month, the Internet Cat Video Film Festival will be held at the Walker Art Center in Minnesota — and they’re soliciting the public to vote for their favorites! Well, we here at Care2 know our cute cat videos all too well, so we thought we’d offer up some suggestions. Click through to check out some of the cutest cat videos found on the web.

All cats are wonderful, adorable, and funny in their own way, let’s be clear. Some, however, have captured the hearts of people across the globe a little more than others. Have your own favorite cat video? Tell us about it in the comments!

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1. The Surprised Kitty

Is there any guess as to why this is one of the most viewed cat videos of all time?!

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2. The Blind Kitten

It’s hard not to fall in love with Oskar the blind kitten. Though you’ll find several videos of the adorable feline on his human companion’s YouTube page, let’s revisit the video that made him famous. In this one, Oskar is playing with a toy for the first time ever!

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3. The Barking Cat

Dogs aren’t the only pets that bark — as long as there aren’t any humans around!

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4. The Adorable Persian Kittens

I’m a sucker for Persian cats — maybe it’s those squishy faces! This classic video features some adorable 2-month-old kittens & their mama at lunchtime.

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5. The Cat & Kitten Hugging

These cats aren’t just some the cutest on the web, they’re also the sweetest!

6. The Sleepiest Kitten

Ten million YouTubers agree — this adorable kitten needs a nap!

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7. The Cats Deep in Conversation

Fifty million YouTube viewers can’t be wrong — these “talking” cats are utterly adorable! Now, if only we knew what they were talking about!

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8. Ksenia

Can a cat ever be too cute? Ksenia, the adorable Russian cat, just might be. Indeed, she’s so cute, some on the web have speculated about whether or not she’s even real!

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9. The Kitty Massager

Who wouldn’t want to have a feline friend as your masseuse?!

10. The Superstar Cat

Of all the cats on the Internet, Japan’s Maru is arguably the most famous — and for good reason! Maru and his love for boxes keep us coming back for more, and more, and more, and more…

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