The 10 Levels of Healing

Healing is usually a gradual, gentle process that brings about changes on many levels: spirit, body, emotions, mind, relationships with other people, and relationships with the environment. Healing is not always about curing symptoms or diseases. The process may just help you understand how to live with your problems and deal with them better.

Become familiar with the 10 levels of healing to gauge your progress:

The 10 Levels of Healing

1. Awareness: Identifying with victim behavior.

2. Commitment to change old patterns and begin to practice healing tools.

3. Step by step, you begin to see results of using the tools.

4. You are now processing and integrating new insights while releasing old patterns.

5. The determination becomes stronger to create more balance in your life.

6. Increased awareness of your ability to manifest the life you deserve.

7. Self-worth expands and grows significantly.

8. You have stopped creating dramas and have drawn in mentors.

9. Confidence in handling lifeís lessons.

10. Experience more pleasure, happiness, delight, clarity, and peace, in your daily life now.

Adapted from A Victim No More, by Lori Rekowski (Hampton Roads, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Lori Rekowski. Reprinted by permission of Hampton Roads.
Adapted from A Victim No More, by Lori Rekowski (Hampton Roads, 2006).


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I hear you have to do something for 3 days before your body recognizes it. I suppose that means you have to not do something for 3 days before you can replace one habit with another.

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