The Best Dancing Dog (Video)

By Lisa Spector, Canine Music Expert, Juilliard Graduate, and co-creator of Through a Dogís Ear.

The combination of music and dogs is something that always intrigues my interest. How could it not? In addition to being a concert pianist and a musical canine freestyle student with my dog Sanchez, my love of music and dogs grew into the development of products that help improve the lives of dogs. In addition, I fell in love with Zumba (an exhilarating, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-partyTM ) a couple of years ago and became a certified instructor in 2009.

Consequently, I sat mesmerized as I watched this video. In addition to the fun, intricate steps the dogs is taking on her rear legs, her enthusiasm is contagious and her tail never stops wagging. And talk about balance! I wonder if she takes pilates too! Thanks for posting your thoughts on the video by adding your comment below.


Jeannet Bertelink

This is not for me, I don t like this. Maybe this dog is abused to do these tricks!

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg Kobets4 years ago

Thank you

Monica D.
Monica D4 years ago

Thank you for posting uplifting stories.

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

thank you

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener6 years ago


Judith Howard
Judith Howard6 years ago

Wow is all I can say as I was watching this. Amazing, I enjoyed it.

As long as animals don't endure cruel training methods then it's great fun to watch.

Peggy Peters
Peggy Peters6 years ago

Wow!!! What an extrordinary dog!!!
My dog would have no part of that!!!
How funny!!!!
TY for the post!!!

Shelly Peterson
Shelly Peterson6 years ago

They would win any Human dance contest!! She was so graceful and was moving to the rhythm, and when she was dancing backwards!!!!........I'm just in awe and so happy for both of them!!! That dog is one graceful athlete! Thankyou very much for sharing that with all of us!!!

Adele F.
Adele F.7 years ago

It's all about the interaction between the pet and its owner. Is the pet having fun? Yes is the owner having fun? Yes, then all is well when everyone is happy including the viewers of these amazing clips. Thank you for sharing.

Lori Esposito
Lori E7 years ago

that is fantastic! I can't imagine the training that went into this. It made me smile.