The Best Father’s Day Gift?

I just wrote a post listing a variety of fun and fabulous gifts for Father’s Day. I think this was one of the best father’s day gift lists that I have seen (if I may say so myself) and not just because it steers clear of the standard tie, but because I actually asked a number of dads and received their input. But many Care2 readers commented that the best gift for Father’s Day is quality time together. I agree. So here is a list of 15 fabulous and fun ways to spend the day celebrating the dad in your life!

1. Go through a box of old family photos together – and have dad tell stories about the special people and times in his life.

2. Have a picnic – at the beach, on a mountain, in a meadow.

3. Weekend camping trip. Don’t forget the fishing poles, marshmallows and campfire stories.

4. Build something together. A chicken coop? A compost bin? A children’s fort?

5. Ask your dad to tell his life story. Listen actively and ask probing questions. Record the sessions (it may take more than one!) and consider transcribing, adding photos and creating a book. Check out these guidelines for recording oral histories.

6. If your dad is a collector ask him to show you his collection. Ask meaningful questions. Maybe help dad photograph his collection.

7. Go on a family river rafting trip together. Professional outfitters get the permit, provide the gear and handle all of the daily logistics, so you can just have fun!

8. Does dad have a special interest? Give dad tickets to the next local dog show, antique car show or astronomy convention – and go together.

9. Take a class together. Photography? Cooking? Woodworking? Italian? Sailing?

10. Rent an outdoor inflatable movie screen. Invite the extended family over for movie night — with lots of popcorn, of course. Consider showing family home movies.

11. Sign up and train for a 5k together.

12.Go to a sporting event or concert together.

13. Take a family cruise. Consider planning this one a year in advance. I know of a number of families that have cruised together (with multiple generations) recently and many commented how bonding the experience was for everyone.

14. Plant a tree together.

15. Organize a family talent show. Families that laugh together, play together and sing together, stay together.

Obviously, this is just a starter list. Just as there are countless dads with countless interests, there are countless ways to spend quality time with dad. And of course the above ideas can be implemented any day of the year, not just on June 16th (or September 1st if you happen to be from New Zealand or Australia).How do you spend the day celebrating your dad? What are your best father’s day memories? Please share your stories and ideas!


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Great list.... can't wait to run a 5k with my daughter... planting a tree is always a great idea!

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Being there for your father.

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