The Big Business Of Halloween In America [Infographic]

Tonight, a funny thing will happen inneighborhoodsall over the country: pint-sized ninjas, cowboys, ghosts, and princesses will all be seen hanging out together in the twilight, knocking on doors. Surprisingly, the residents within will not phone the police.

Instead, they will reward these motley crews with enough candy and treats to keep them bouncing off the walls late into the night. But there’s something decidedly un-cute about this holiday lurking under the surface: massive spending and waste.

According to economic experts, the average American (that’s individuals, not families) will spend over $70 on Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy this year. And that translates into big bucks for the corporations who make all this flimsy stuff.

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The Business Behind Halloween

In a time when the American economy is on the verge of a shut-down, families have been foreclosed on, and millions are still looking for work, this seems like an awfully frivolous way to spend our money, doesn’t it?

Halloween, like all holidays, should be a time for spending some with friends…and that doesn’t have to cost a thing. Check out these clever Care2 posts for having a safe, happy, and shareable Halloween.

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