The Brew That Fights Joint Pain, Sun Damage, Cancer & More

White tea is fast brewing its way up as a star beverage, thanks to its tremendous health benefits. Study after study is establishing its role in controlling obesity, preventing heart disease, and even fighting off cancer. Here are some important white tea facts to make you reach out for the wonder brew:

What is white tea:† It is not black tea with milk. It is, in fact, the least processed of all teas, in which the leaves and buds are simply steamed and dried. White tea contains numerous buds, covered with fine silvery hairs that give it a light white/grey color. The tea brews to a pale yellow color, and has a slightly sweet flavor.

Drink white tea to fight obesity: In addition to following a healthy diet and regular exercise, white tea can be a great ally in your quest for weight loss. A German study published in the medical journal †”Nutrition and Metabolism” found that white tea effectively assists the body to better metabolize lipids or fats.

Keep skin young and joints pain-free with white tea: The ingredients in white tea boost the immune function of skin cells and protects them from sun damage. This discovery by scientists at the University Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University adds an important element in the battle against skin cancer. White tea also prevents the action of the enzymes that break down elastin and collagenóthus fighting wrinkles. The same enzymes also cause inflammation, so white tea brings relief from rheumatoid arthritis, too!

Let white tea rescue you from colds and flu: It is a powerful killer of streptococcus bacteria and viruses, studies show. A natural cleanser, it also kills fungi with more success than other teas.

Stop tooth decay in its tracks with white tea. Research shows that it fights dental plaque, too. Of course, you would also need to follow the basics of dental hygiene for the tea to be effective.

White tea can reduce colon tumors: According to a study published in the journal Carcinogenesis by scientists from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, white tea is more powerful than green tea in reducing the number of cancerous tumors in mice. Combined with sulindac (a common drug for preventing colon cancer), its cancer-fighting effect is even more dramatic.



Helga Balague

now i know why i love withe tea! Is good for everything!!

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Thank you :)

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Tried white tea a year ago and haven't used anything else. Excellent tea!

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Sounds like a tea I should be drinking. Thanks for the info.

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I should have made that hibiscus tea article a hyperlink (too bad we can't edit our comments!) so here it is:
Hibiscus Tea: The Best Beverage?

Laurie F.
Laurie F4 years ago

We started drinking organic white tea (as well as green tea still) after seeing a couple of Dr. Greger's informative videos about it on Even more potent when it comes to anti-oxidants is hibiscus tea - So now we enjoy a refrigerator brew of organic white AND hibiscus tea (we buy the whole flowers) and drink it throughout the day, all year long. It's very pretty as well as being very healthy and refreshing!