The Clean Way to Commute

Commuting to work is never fun. Oftentimes, we get stuck in traffic, setting us up for a day of aggravation and frustration. These impressionable morning hours can make or break your day. No coffee? Forget about it.

My solution to the morning commute? The humble bicycle. A human-powered machine, these two wheels can bring you anywhere a car can and beyond. It is a cheap, fun, accessible way to travel. More and more cities across the country are creating bike share programs for those who don’t own bikes, as well as creating more bike lanes to enhance bikers’ safety.

Too busy to exercise? The bike commute may be your answer. Sadly, less than 1 million people in the US commute to work by bicycle. Comparatively, there are over 200 million cars on the road, meaning less than 1% of commuters are using a bike.

Rather than use my car to go to the local store, I have made the resolution to bike. This way, I don’t make unnecessary trips to the store, I save money on gas, and I fit in a workout. I love it! It honestly does not take much more time than driving a car, and it is much more enjoyable to breathe in the crisp stream of air rather than stale car-air. In this time, however, I have noticed an unfortunate anti-bike attitude on the road. Cars speed by, viewing me as more of an annoying inconvenience rather than an equal. What is so cumbersome about biking on the road? My thought is that if more drivers tried biking, they might understand the challenges that must be faced on the road. Bikers deserve equal respect to other vehicles, end of discussion. I encourage you to go out for a ride this weekend, enjoy the fresh air. If you are open to it, biking could likely make your day, and the planet, better.

Read on for 5 ways biking can improve your life…

Sustainable & Affordable. Once you have a bike, it costs very little to maintain it. You can say goodbye to $4/gallon for gasoline! Riding a bike to work is absolutely free and much healthier for both you and the planet.

Exercise & Endorphins. If you biked to and from work, how many miles would you log? Imagine what excellent shape you would be in, and how much happier and more productive you could be at work. Let those endorphins flow! Plus, you can cancel that seldom used gym membership you have lying around, stashing more pennies in your piggy bank.

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Save Time. If you usually sit in traffic on your way to work, biking might just get you there in the same amount of time or even slightly faster. Regardless, it is more pleasant to be cruising in the open air on the back roads than sitting at a stalemate in a sea of exhaust fumes. Also, by consolidating your commute and your daily workout, you can make time for a new hobby or something you enjoy.

Enjoy the Outdoors. Biking can be a fun way to travel and exercise. Even if you are unable to commute to work, mountain biking can make a great weekend adventure. Being outdoors has numerous benefits, including increased happiness and a better immune system, so why not take advantage of the great outdoors?

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an informative article. irrelevant, but does anyone else also find themselves more inclined to click ads on care2 as we know profits go to a good cause?

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I am retired, but I ride my bike almost daily.

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Avoid being run over.

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Yes, I do love.. I wish many cities in Florida should be bicycle-friendly cities.