Feng Shui of Patience: The Element of Earth

We embark on the year of the Earth Rat. Therefore it is important to understand the element of Earth. Earth is the Great Mother; her universal chant is MA. We are born of her, we live in her, we are composed of her, we return to her. Earth is the center, the foundation, the matrix.

In late winter water is the element of focus. It is sometimes frozen, it sometimes saturates the ground, and it often causes rivers to crest from snow melt runoff. In the mountains of New England, the water and earth mix to create mud season. In the western mountains, avalanches may come. The water gives the Earth what it needs to bloom.

We wait. Patience is a Yin trait. The mystery of gestation, of nurturing that which lies within. We cannot push the time ahead.

Our Yang society does not value small growth and patience. We want to move ahead, break forward, make something happen. We feel our limitations, be they body, mind or soul.

Patience is required. Small moves, cutting back, pruning what no longer serves us in the coming season. Nurturing that which is yet unborn, that which seeks to spring forward in the increasing light. How do we relax into patience?

In Feng Shui, the Earth element is represented by the square, the color of earth tones.

If you are impatient or not feeling grounded, add the element of Earth to your space—square rugs, earthen pottery, large stones.

Our connection to the Earth is what gives us health and thus stability. If our Earth is out of balance, how can we be in balance?

For a spiritual action find a warm place, lie on the Earth or if you are in winter, find a place in the sunlight on the floor.

Take a moment to connect with the Earth’s power, her promise of renewal. Breathe and feel yourself connecting to her with deep roots like a majestic old tree. Say thank you for all her gifts. Feel how you are part of her. Let her take what is no longer useful to you, old pain, old wounds and convert it to compost for other living beings to use.

The spring holidays of rebirth and renewal will come, and you can move forward in a new way to bring into manifestation your fondest dreams. In the time of the sleeping Earth, clear away the old, find the silence to dream new dreams and become connected with the great rhythms around you. We are part of the whole. We are all related.

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Betsy Stang, MA, MSC, has spent the last 30 years as a cross cultural transformational practitioner. Betsy is an Interfaith Minister, Earth Activist, counselor, writer, mother and teacher.

By Betsy Stang, Healing By Design.


Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Great article. Thanks.

Susan S.
Susan S7 years ago

Thanks for the tips on how to ground myself by adding nature to my life. I love to go for walks in the woods, and that is likely because it helps me to balance.

Jon Garity
Jon Garity7 years ago

Inspiring article!

Lily Diana
Lily Diana7 years ago

Good idea

Kat Nelson
Kat Nelson7 years ago

thank you that is beautiful. finding space in winter is so hard for me, its difficult to be patient.

Katrina T.
.8 years ago


Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner8 years ago

The wheel, in Celtic mythologie. is and was a symbol of rebirth, change and the infinite cycle of nature The wheel represents our journey of life in the seasons of the earth
Its true humans are created to acknowledge the light of truth. Dezember is the month of new hope and is dedicated to the light. I wish you a happy Yule, Chanuka , Quanza , or whatever you are celebrating . We are all one people. Thanks Betsy S. You posted a coo l article on this topic and I realy like Feng Shui Thanks for bringing the article Feng Shui of Patience: The Element of Earth to my attention

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner8 years ago

grain is the smile of our mother earth
our happiness the key of immortality.

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner8 years ago

the gates of life and death are open
for all to come back again.
Because the earth is also a realm of expression, regeneration and manifestation, helping us to receive acceptance into our incarnation .

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner8 years ago

Its true .Humans are created to acknowledge the truth of life
The earth is the realm of rest and return . New
creations arising connected to the stars
Stars are watching over every Plant and flower