The End of Fossil Fuels (Infographic)

With all the dismal news about oil spills, over-consumption and global warming, it’s easy to get the environmental blues. Let this infographic give you a little spark of hope. The entire globe is shifting toward clean energy as the impacts of fossil fuels become more apparent and detrimental. Internationally, countries are developing deadlines for their clean energy transition. View the maps below to see how the world is “going green.”

The End of Fossil Fuels

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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Linda F.
.4 years ago

trusting we will stop the filthy coal trains and destructive oil pipelines

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G4 years ago

The sooner the better!

Lisa Zilli
Lisa Zilli4 years ago


Ana Marija R.
ANA MARIJA R4 years ago

Thank you.

Sue H.
Sue H4 years ago

I appreciate the infographic, but projections often don't become facts.

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

The International Energy Agency is certainly upbeat - when the rest of us feel like tearing our hair out !!

Bud D.
Bud D.4 years ago

"You cannot reason with people who would literally prefer to kill their own children than to allow government to fix something." - Cathleen K.

How does such vituperative hyperbole advance your cause here, ma'am?

Somebody, in the Global Warming/Climate Change discussion, is going to have to rise above the petulance if we're ever to see our way toward understanding...

God Bless,


Marie W.
Marie W4 years ago

Why is TX not given in %?

Cathleen K.
Cathleen K4 years ago

At this point, our problem is no longer the big energy companies, it's the far right wing, who are engaged in a massive circle jerk for purely ideological reason that works something like this: if climate change is real, then addressing the problem would require government intervention and international governmental cooperation. We hate government intervention and we hate foreigners, therefore, it must be a librul conspiracy (you know, like World War II). Republicans in congress who are willing to admit that there is a problem can expect to get a Tea Party challenge in their next primary and be out of the race before they're even up for reelection. While it's technically possible to win as a write in or third party candidate in the general election, the odds of extremely long, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska being the exception who proves the rule.

You cannot reason with people who would literally prefer to kill their own children than to allow government to fix something. The sooner this parasite kills off the infected host (the GOP), the better. Nothing can happen in the US until intelligent conservatives have peeled away and formed a new party, and taken most Republican voters with them. Let Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum compete for the crazies. They can run some small towns and empty counties, but they won't occupy any governor's mansions and they'll send few members to the House, and none to the Senate.