The Energetically Balanced Bedroom

A healthful bedroom is energetically balanced. It is possible to make dramatic improvements in the sea of electric and magnetic field pollution in the bedroom, with the help of a certified Bau-biologist. Bau-biologie, which originated in Germany, means “building biology,” and a Bau-Biologist is trained to establish a healthy and healing home.

To measure the level of AC electric fields in the bedroom, the Bau-Biologist conducts a “Body Voltage” test.

  • First, the Bau-Biologist creates an electrical “nighttime scenario,” in which all appliances are plugged in and then turned on or off as they would be during the sleeping hours. Lying on the bed, the client is instructed to hold a probe which is connected to a properly grounded multi-meter. The millivolts inducted, or absorbed, by the client’s body at night are measured. If the digital meter reads over the Bau-Biologie standard of 20 millivolts for the bedroom, then the Bau-Biologist starts looking for easy ways to lower the numbers.

  • It is not uncommon to measure 100,000 millivolts in a body sleeping on a switched off but plugged in electric blanket or heated water bed! Even a simple lamp or electric clock can cause levels 10 to 100 times over the recommended limit.

  • The level of electric fields may drop dramatically when the Bau-Biologist simply unplugs appliances. Many times, however, the right combination of unplugged and plugged in appliances actually cancels out some of the fields.

    Once it has been determined which circuits have an impact on the body voltage, the client may take one of several courses of action.

  • A popular low cost solution is to simply turn off the offending circuits at night.
    Note: The specialized EMF electrician first checks that the circuits do not pose a safety hazard when switched off and on.
  • Many clients choose to hire a specialized EMF electrician to install a specially designed and grounded “bed shield” and/or a remote switcher, which sends a signal from inside the house to shut off the identified circuits.
  • In homes where shutting off circuits creates inconveniences such as turning off refrigerators and security systems, the electrician may need to rewire them to different circuits before installing the remote switcher.

(c) Mary Cordaro and Katherine Metz
Adapted from "The Low EMF Bedroom," by Mary Cordaro and Katherine Metz


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I knew Choosing Bedspreads is a very important thing, but I had no idea it had such a dramatic effect on our health.

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EMF is a silent threat.Spend time each day bare footed and touching the ground to reduce the reaction of the EMF

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Hey Chris, EMF threat is real and my comments were NOT self serving, but were made in hopes that the public starts educating themselves to this hidden danger. I in no way profit from this. And so you know, I say this from first hand experience to being exposed to EMF and the deletrious affects. So before you accuse people of bad intent, you should do YOUR HOMEWORK and cease being so miopic. Like the old saying goes, "the life you save my be your own"...or someone you love....I bet you're the type of person that supports vaccines of small children/babies and gets your flu shot every year.

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