The Flower of Inner Peace

There is one particular flower that is a powerful spiritual symbol in many traditions, appearing in countless mandalas and sacred works of art.

The guru who brought Buddhism to Tibet was known as Padmasambhava, which means “born from” this flower, and one of the most popular Buddhist mantras–which brings peace not only to the speaker but to anyone nearby–mentions it. What is the flower? What does it have to teach us? Find out, and learn the peace-bringing mantra, here:

The lotus flower has its roots in the mud but it rises up from the muck beautiful and clean. This has been seen as a symbol of how all of us can rise, radiantly and beautifully, from even the murkiest of conditions.

The lotus is a creation symbol: the world is born out of the mud. And it is a wisdom-symbol, since it expresses a truth about the possibilities for all living things.

The most famous Buddhist mantra, “Om mane Padme hum,” loosely translated, means “Om, jewel in the lotus, amen.” When one recites this simple mantra, it brings peace not only to the speaker, but to anyone nearby.

Inspired by Teen Psychic, by Julie Tallard Johnson (Inner Traditions, 2003).


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Thank you - we are never too old to learn. I agree that the Lotus flower is somewhat noble. But I am more simple, my fovorites are Poppies!

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Thank you Annie. It is indeed surprising to see a beautiful flower Lotus (kamal, in indian lingo) grow in the most muckiest places.

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