The Freezer Saves the Day

This time of year, Iíll admit it, I donít feel like cooking much. Everything in the garden is dead as a doornail. The farmerís market wonít open again for months. Itís a cold pain in the butt to go to the supermarket every weekend. Therefore, I thank the Universe for my freezer.

Follow these easy ways to freeze and store food without using plastic.

When we built our house, I wanted a giant freezer right in the kitchen. I was sick of going down to the dark, dirty basement in our old house and reaching into the big freezer and worrying about falling in and not being able to get out and getting stuck inside there forever. So now I do have a full-size shiny stainless steel sub-zero freezer right next to my refrigerator (I know, I know itís not eco, but we do have solar electric and hot water, and I drive a Priusódoesnít that count for something?).

That freezer is FULL, and this time of year I am so grateful. The other night we ate pesto that was green and good. There were no leftovers. And a jar of chicken, turkey, or goose broth makes just enough soup to feed the kids and me for a weekend lunch (they like it with pasta, and I like it with farro, and we all like it with Romano cheese on top). The jars of tomato sauce are like ďjars of liquid sunshine,Ē according to my yoga teacher, Holly, who got to eat someówhich just goes to show how much I love her because I donít usually give that sauce out to anyone! Tucked in the back of the top shelf are the remains of the blueberries from last spring. Those are for special needs, like when someone is sick and depressed and needs some cheering up. There is also enough frozen coffee in there that, if for some reason coffee becomes unavailable, I can last until at least Easter, at which time I would be able to find a boat to sail to Peru to restock my supply.

In fact, here is one of my favorite stories about coffee from the book Americaís Women, which Iíve mentioned before:

In the summer of 1777, more than 100 Boston housewives gathered in front of the store of one Thomas Boylston. They were, one observer reported, ďreputable Clean drest Women Some of them with Silk gownes on,Ē and they were angry about Boylstonís extortionate wartime prices. They were prepared to boycott tea, but not to let a merchant gouge them for coffee. Abigail Adams wrote to her husband that the women ďassembled with a cart and trucks, marched down to the Ware House and demanded the keys, which he refused to deliver, upon which one of them seazd him by his Neck and tossd him into the cart.Ē Boylston gave up his keys, and the women opened the warehouse, took out the coffee they required, and drove away. ďA large concourse of Men stood amazd silent Spectators of the whole transaction,Ē Abigail reported gleefully.

See! Even in 1777 you didnít get between a woman and her coffee.

Check out ways to choose organic coffee that fits your budget and that supports your mission.

As I was saying about my freezer, I also have half a small lamb and a breast from a 60-pound organic turkey! Various organic chicken wing parts are waiting for the Super Bowl to arrive, and there are a few other miscellaneous meats and vegetables and organic ice cream treats. So I think I can survive without cooking too much over the next month or two. But if I do get in the mood, Iíll let you know.

Whatís in your freezer?


Terry V.
Terry V4 years ago


Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Eternal Gardener
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Akesha Wilton
Akesha Wilton6 years ago

I havent frozen fresh food n veggies.Must try.I do freeze herbs and vegetable broth though.

Julie W.
Julie W6 years ago

I love fresh herbs, but they are very seasonal. So I grow basil in summer, and coriander in winter (we have two growing seasons here in W.Oz). I freeze in large jars, and gently bash down with the end of a rolling pin. Instant crushed herbs you can spoon out when you need them! Dried herbs just don't cut it when you are used to the taste of fresh.

I partly-cook apricots and freeze for winter pies,and cook rice in bulk and pack into one meal containers. I try and make double meals to freeze when I am late or feeling lazy. I can't live without my freezer.

Dorothy C.
6 years ago

I love "jars of liquid sunshine"

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago

thanx for sharing

Ann P.
A P6 years ago

When I cook I prefer to cook in batches and freeze into individual servings.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Oh Maria, thank you so much for this. I've always hated putting good food in plastic to store in any way! In fact, have been saving glass food jars for several years now and it does make a difference in the taste!

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago

thanks for sharing.