The Gift of Synchronicity

Nothing would exist were it not for a set of coincidences, and coincidences are clues to the will of the universe. Learn how to see synchronicity and its boundless opportunities.

Everything is connected with everything else. In the spiritual world, those connections become visible. But in the physical world, we only glimpse the connections in the clues given to us through coincidence. As our attention creates energy, intention brings about the transformation of that energy. Attention and intention are the most powerful tools of the spiritually adept. They are the triggers for attracting both a certain kind of energy and a certain kind of information.

So the more attention you put on coincidences, the more you attract other coincidences, which will help you clarify their meaning. Putting your attention on the coincidence attracts the energy, and then asking the question “What does it mean?” attracts the information. The answer might come as a certain insight, or intuitive feeling, or an encounter, or a new relationship. You may experience four seemingly unrelated coincidences, then watch the evening news and have an insight. Ah–ha! That’s what they meant for me!

The more attention you put on coincidences and the more you inquire into their significance, the more often the coincidences occur and the more clearly their meaning comes into view. Once you can see and interpret the coincidences, your path to fulfillment emerges.

In most people’s experience, the past resides only in memory and the future resides only in imagination. But at the spiritual level, the past and the future and all the different probabilities of life exist simultaneously. Everything is happening all at once.

Adapted from Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).


Nils Anders Lunde
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Ro H.
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Duane B.
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Thank you for sharing.

Barbara Mann
Barb M5 years ago

Everything happens for a reason! Life is what you make it! =)!

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Tanyaisa P.
Tanyaisa P6 years ago

hhmmm?......everything is happiness all at once.......hopefully it is........but maybe not everything...some things i'd like to erase from the daily list and the past experiences...

Geetha Subramaniam

Thanks for posting.

Maria M.
Maria M7 years ago

It' true! Everything is connected with everything else. At times I can see it, at times I am blind. One thing is for sure, when I pay attention to what is going on I can recognize the synchronicity. it is amazingly wonderful, and, then I remember, the universe has no outage, no shortage on direction, no limits. Synchronicity is the universe talking to me and guiding me.

David N.
David N7 years ago

Thanks for the article. Everything happens for a reason. You just have to see it and realize it and then act on it.

Sheila S.
Sheila Swan L7 years ago

It seems there are no real "accidents" and for reasons that may seem unknown or unreasonable, there is a purpose. But what we do with those incidents is critical to progressing. I notice if I always react in the same way to a situation, the same response. Even the hard things in life give us opportunities to grow or remain stagnant. It's just hard to remember that.