The Great Spring Clean: Win an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit!

The sun in shining, the birds are chirping (at least here at Care2), yet my sense of organization remains in hibernation mode. So, in honor of today, the official first day of spring, I will dedicate myself to a weekend of cleaning–a fresh start for a new season. If you care to join, here are some great tips to help you get started.

Getting Rid of Clutter
Why Clutter Happens
Feng Shui Your Clutter
Clear Your Clutter in 6 Steps

Recipes for DIY Natural Cleaners

Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit
Porcelain Stain-Be-Gone Soft Scrub
Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner
Counter Cleaners

Detoxing Your Home

Simple Ways to Detox Your Home
Top 10 Swaps for Detoxing Your Kitchen
Clean Your Upholstery the Non-toxic Way

Organizing Your Closet
7 Ways to Organize Your Closet, the Eco-Way
Healthy Green Closet Redux
Feng Shui Your Closet

Green Your Laundry

Remove Ink Stains Naturally
12 Laundry Tips for Maximum Energy Savings
Natural Laundry Solutions

Cleaning Tips

One-Step Solution to a Cleaner Home
Discover the Top Ten Germ Hotspots
10 Cancer Biggest Cancer Causers to Remove From Your Home
Natural Floor Cleaning

Win an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Gift Bag!

TerraCycle, pioneers of the upcycling industry, have donated three gift bags of eco-friendly cleaning supplies to the Care2 community. These products are non-toxic, planet, people and pet safe, and the packaging is 100% recycled, cleverly made by re-using old soda bottles! The best part? The cleaning supplies will come in a super-cute shopping tote made from those pesky, plastic grocery bags and fashioned into an indestructible eco-statement.

Please leave a comment in the field below and you’ll be entered to win. The three winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Friday, Apr. 3. Good luck!


Lara Iezzi
Joan Fillmyer
Margaret Chau

Please contact me at with your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who entered!

By Veronica Peterson, Editor, Healthy & Green Living


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I looked through my closets and drawers and collected all the items that I don't wear anymore together and donated them to the people who might need them.

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Let's be eco-friendly in whatever ways we do

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lot of info here!

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