The Great Treehouse Escape

Whether built for a secret getaway, or a permanent home, there’s nothing quite like a treehouse; a cozy space amid the trees conjures feelings similarly evoked by childhood memories or a good book. In a sense, they are like the Marlon Brando of all dwellings: cool and rebellious. Here are a few unique ones we’ve come across.

Above: Michael Greenwood from Toronto builds custom furniture, as well as tree sanctuaries, as he refers to them. In his simple and multi-leveled designs, he uses salvaged or reclaimed woods from small local woodlots or self-harvested windfall. Visit Greenwood Studio for more inspiration and information on his work.

Above photos: Uniquely built around the trunk and limbs, The Wandagega Tree House, located on the Wisconsin lakeside resort of Camp Wandawega, is a three-level structure that features reclaimed wood and vintage windows. Read the inspiring story about the tree in Chicago Home + Garden Magazine and visit Wandawega for more information.

Above: Proving that all the fun doesn’t have to be outdoors, this treehouse is actually a bedroom that exists inside a Brooklyn loft. Built by the architect collaborative Katz Chiao, the entire space around the treehouse consists of a kitchen, open communal space and two gardens. Visit Katz Chiao for more information.


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K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

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Matt K.
Matt K.6 years ago

These sorts of places are great because they inspire other places to do the same: create organic environments for people to gather together, appreciate nature, ride bikes etc. THis is great. Thanks.

Matt K.
Matt K.6 years ago

So cool!

Martha G.
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Nice! Love this. Fun ideas; inspiring. Who doesn't love a tree house, especially a grown-up one?

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Always wanted to live in a treehouse,would be amazing.

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very nice

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judith sanders6 years ago

Driving nails into a living tree is a sure way to cause disease or death.

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Pretty amazing. How unique this is.