The Greatest Guide to Vegan Holiday Desserts

Throughout this festive season, and during Christmas day, we are surrounded with family, friends, and lots of food! And dessert is a big part of that. From Christmas cake and puddings to mince pies and truffles, there are so many choices to choose from when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth. Why not make all of them? Or at least some? It’s hard to resist when all the dessert pictures below look so tempting, right? These vegan, in some cases raw vegan, versions of classic Christmas desserts are healthier alternatives. You can feel good about not eating any refined sugars, milk, or eggs in these bad boys. So, go ahead, eat up. Have one, two, or half of that batch you’re whipping up. You can enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your waistline with these goodies.

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Here’s our guide to Vegan Christmas Desserts!

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