Zucchini Fries

It was bound to happen, the zucchini would come. And come and come and come. In the northeast they are still somewhat of a manageable size, but here in California where I am visiting my mom: Holy cow. The zucchinis are huge. Her garden is swamped with baseball bat-sized yellow and green squash that are nearly terrifying in the visions of zucchini-only meals-for-months that their sheer size seem to suggest. Would we be able to eat anything else on our visit?

Fortunately my sister came armed with strong ammo: An idea for shoestring zucchini fries. We made mincemeat of the mammoth dirigibles, and they were so delicious. Rosemary-tinged and crispy, with the sweet moist squash flavor bursting through in the middle of each bite. It actually made me wish we hadn’t used them all up. Not to worry. As I looked over at the garden, there were more growing right before my very eyes.

Zucchini Shoestrings
We used both yellow and green zucchini, that worked nicely. We didn’t make any sauce for these, they were so lovely on their own, but a dipping sauce would be fun too. Next time (tonight?) I’d like to try maybe Alice Waters’ Aioli or maybe skip the rosemary and shower them with cilantro and an Asian dipping sauce.

1 very large zucchini
1 teaspoon salt
Several sprigs of rosemary
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

1. Cut the squash lengthwise into halves, and then cut into 1/4 inch slices, then cut those into 1/8.

2. Sprinkle and toss with salt in a colander and set in the sink to drain for 30 minutes. After draining, squeeze out as much water as you can with your hands.

3. Heat oil in a skillet–you want the oil very hot, but not smoking.

4. Toss zucchini with flour in a bowl, then add it to the oil in batches. Cook for about 5 minutes until zucchini is just golden, then toss in a few leaves of rosemary. Cook for another minute until zucchini is golden.

5. Drain zucchini on paper towel and serve immediately.


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Sounds good and I never would have thought of using them as chips.

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Love zucchini,I'll try this delicious recipe

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Fabulous, a favourite veggie, so very versatile! So many ways to prepare this vegetable as well.

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