The Healing Properties of Whey

Since antiquity whey—the watery part of milk that is separated from the curd in the process of making cheese—has been known as “healing water” by Greek physicians. Nowadays whey powders and protein bars are showing up with more and more frequency.

Whey’s healing action works on the intestines, liver, and kidneys, while encouraging assimilatory and eliminatory functions. Nutritionally, it is rich in lactose, has no fat, contains protein, is rich in minerals and is a good source of vitamin B2.

With the lactic acid present in whey, along with the lactic acid produced by the lactose it contains, when stimulates intestinal peristalsis.

The lactose content of whey inhibits the presence of bacteria that causes putrefaction and encourages the functions performed by the beneficial bacteria. By helping the intestinal flora regenerate, whey has a beneficial effect on the digestive process. When intestinal flora is partially destroyed or imbalanced, the transformation of foods is poorly achieved, which can cause a number of chronic digestive disorders.

Whey has an indirect effect on the liver; it works on it by way of the intestines. The liver is quite dependent on the condition of the intestines, because substances are transported from the intestine to the liver by the portal vein. The liver’s role is to store the nutrients or release them into the bloodstream; it is also to neutralize, purify, and eliminate toxic substances.

Although the liver has a high neutralizing and detoxifying capacity, a daily intake of toxins from the intestines can exhaust and exceed its abilities over time. Whey has been used effectively to treat hepatic disorders and poisoning since antiquity. Thanks to the whey cure, regeneration and stimulation of the hepatic functions are possible by way of the intestines.

Taking whey, which is rich in potassium, is also quite useful in reducing fluid retention.

In general, whey encourages good digestion, which is essential for nutrients to be extracted from foods and made available for the intestines to absorb. The restoration of a healthy and clean intestinal environment presents many of the nutrients that enter the intestines from being destroyed by the poisons caused by putrefaction.

Adapted from The Whey Prescription, by Christopher Vasey, N.D. (Healing Arts Press, 1998).


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Bunny Everet
Bunny Everet10 years ago

For Nick M - we in the western world consume far too much protein and you can easily obtain enough protein on a veggie diet. If you choose not to, that is your prerogative but your comment that "You would be doing a great deal of damage to your body if you get rid of animal products in your diet" is completely untrue. The Hunza's are the longest living people on the planet and they are fruitarian. Donald Watson, the founder of the Vegan Society and vegan from the age of 14 lived a healthy life to 95 years old, George Bernard Shaw lived to 94.

I have been vegan for about 20 years and the last time I had a bone-density test I was informed that I had a higher mass than usual for my age!

I was tested recently for calcium and my levels are perfectly normal.

I was anaemic before adopting a veggie diet. I have not needed any iron supplements since becoming veggie as I no longer suffer from anaemia.

Dairy is completely unnecessary for a healthy diet.

Nick M.
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Oh my god people...lighten up some. I've been drinking milk and eating meat since I came into this world a long long time ago and I am doing great! I run marathons, I do triathlons, play soccer, surf, swim, mountain bike, lift weights, and much much more, AND I owe it all to my healthy, balanced diet of dairy, meats, fruits, and veges. A few years back I tried being vegetarian for 2 weeks and discovered its nearly impossible to obtain the 160 grams of protein I need to consume in order for my body to repair itself. Well actually it wasn't impossible, I just wasn't willing to consume 2 pounds of beans and nuts every day. I drink about 2 gallons of 1% milk a week, some of that being chocolate milk after my long runs, and I have no adverse affects from milk. My cholesterol must be through the roof you might say, but the lipid panels I have done every 6 months show I'm healthy as ever. Also, my bone density tests are great. To conclude this rant, I say to whomever reads this, please do not be swayed by the current fad of ditching dairy and meats because supposedly "our bodies weren't meant to consume animal products". You would be doing a great deal of damage to your body if you get rid of animal products in your diet.
Thank You

Maureen C.
Maureen C10 years ago

Why would anyone want to drink breast milk from another species? Cow milk is perfect for baby cows, not humans. Stop believing all the marketing hype!

Maureen C.
Maureen C10 years ago

Why would anyone want to drink breast milk from another species? Cow milk is ideal for baby cows... not humans. Stop falling for marketing hype!