The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

Recently I was part of a team brainstorming answers to some intriguing questions: How could we at the Institute of Heart Math (IHM) make a video showing that the heart emits unseen energy? How could this video convey the message that humans are invisibly connected to all living things? And that every person’s heart contributes to what we call our “collective field environment”?

It was a fun and stimulating challenge. After pondering various ideas, we created a short animated video: “The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence – a path to personal, social and global coherence.” I’m very excited to share it with you!

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The Heart as a “Smart Phone”

In a way, the spiritual heart is like a smart phone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. The invisible energy it emits profoundly connects humans to all living things. The energy of our heart truly links us to each other.

The video also points to a growing body of scientific evidence that we each add to the collective energy field, and that the energetic field of the heart connects with the earth itself.

We at IHM have started a special science-based project, the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), to help provide a more comprehensive picture of these connections. Scientists at IHM have already conducted extensive research into the power of the heart, the heart and brain connection, heart intelligence and practical intuition. Now GCI scientists hope to help explain the mysteries of the connection between people and the earth . . . and even the sun!

Whether through personal relationships, social connections or the global community, we are all connected through a field of electromagnetic energy. As we as individuals become more aware of what we bring to this field environment, we open the possibility of creating a more cooperative, sustainable and peaceful future – a future we will be proud to have helped create.

To learn more about the research behind our new video, click here. And again, if you feel inspired, please share!


Paula Sullivan Silver
Paula silver4 years ago

Once every human climbs the human pyramid of self landing at the eye of the providence they are then able to successfully reign over their biology and the divinity helix that is each ones part of the human strand of DNA of God. Namaste. This process can only begin when the heart has been opened. The heart holds the key. God bless and Godspeed.

Cristina D.
Cristina D.4 years ago

I'm so thankful that you  have proved everything I think, feel and practice.
What I wish is that all people in the world become aware of their ability to love and with that, they can heal themselves and heal the world.
I know I can be a dreamer or even call me "crazy" but my dream job would be to spread the love around the World.
I wish that you continue to spread all good.

Sandra Penna
Sandra Penna4 years ago

interesting, thank you.

Past Member
Past Member 4 years ago

I think this is so true and a beautiful important way to move forward as a human race that will benefit the planet and our relationships with all living beings here. Turning our impact on the world around. I hope this work grows and we start to operate from this insightful wisdom in the future, bring our children up with it, and support people to shift into this awareness and make this change in themselves for the collective good. Thank you for sharing this. It strikes me as very true.

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Thanks for the post.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper4 years ago


Nicole R.
Nicole R.4 years ago

I really enjoyed watching and listening to this article. For me it was a very clear understanding of how the energies work.
Thank you it really was very helpful.
So definately sharing this article.
Thank you for taking the time to brain storm and come up with this video.

Angela W.
Angela W5 years ago

Cool...thank you...

Sumit jamadar
Sumit jamadar5 years ago