The Importance of National Cat Day

National Cat Day was founded by Colleen Paige, an animal welfare advocate and one of America’s top Pet & Family lifestyle experts. (Paige has also created other great holidays such as National Dog Day and International Day of Non-Violence). The purpose for creating National Cat Day was not only to celebrate these four-legged fur balls we love so much, but to help them find forever homes. According to Paige’s personal site, there are approximately 4 million cats entering shelters every year and 1-2 million that are euthanized. She encourages everyone, when looking for a new feline companion, to adopt from a shelter in order to save lives.

Having a cat in your life can bring so much joy, love, entertainment and companionship. They are fun, cute, curious, adventurous, intelligent and great to cuddle with. They lower blood pressure, decrease depression and alert their human companions to danger.

Some cats are even heroes. This year, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Los Angeles, gave their Hero Dog Award to a cat because they were so impressed by her bravery and heroism. Tara, a tabby from Bakersfield, California received such an honor when she came to the rescue of a family member, 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo. A neighbor’s dog bit into Jeremy’s leg and tried to drag him off as though he were prey. Tabby, who was very close to Jeremy, rushed over, body-slammed the dog and chased him away. Tara’s heroism was caught on the home security cameras and the video went viral. When interviewed, Jeremy said, regarding Tara, “She’s my hero.”

In another incident of cat heroism, in 2014, a cat named Pudding was adopted at an animal shelter by a woman named Amy Jung. The same day of the adoption, Jung had a seizure in her sleep. Pudding acted quickly, waking Jung up so she had time to act. Jung tried to call out to her son, Ethan, but he didn’t hear her and didn’t wake up. Pudding ran to Ethan’s room and woke him up by jumping on him. Ethan got his mother to the hospital in time to get the medical attention she needed. Had Pudding not been there to wake them up, Jung could have slipped into a coma.

In honor of these fun, playful, loving, cute, heroic, adventurous and curious companions, here are some great ways to honor and celebrate them on their special day:

1) Adopt a cat from your local shelter or rescue.

2) If you can’t adopt a cat, donate some money, blankets, cat toys or food to shelters and organizations that look out for the well-being of these four-legged friends. Hannah Hart, a well-known youtuber, is launching a new 10 episode volunteer project. The first episode features the ASPCA Kitten Nursery. Hart and her volunteers donate blankets, towels, sheets, and cat toys. With all the good will and good deeds (and cute kittens) it’s sure to brighten your day and make you say, “Awwwwwww……”

3) Give your cat some delicious treats or some human foods that are safe for cats.

4) Buy your beloved feline a collar and a tag with your name and number so she or he doesn’t get lost.

5) Volunteer at your local shelter, rescue or kitten nurseries. Play with cats, help feed kittens, clean cages/litter boxes or help with anything else that needs to be done.

6) Spend some quality time with your favorite feline(s). Play ball or cuddle up with him or her for a short catnap. If you don’t have a cat of your own, spend time with a friend’s cat or a friendly cat in your neighborhood.

7) Brush your cat’s fur to get rid of excess fur and hairballs and get them purring.

8) Go on to social media and spread the word about National Cat Day and its importance.

9) Take photos of your cat, and post them on facebook.

10) Get your beloved furry friend a fun new toy! And pick an extra up for a cat at your local shelter while you’re at it.

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Thank you for sharing.

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I love my kitties.

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we should care for all animals and protect them every day without needing special day

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Boring "celebration" days....

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Now we have International Cat Day, When can we have International Dog Day? They are both adorable animals. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Glennis Whitney
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Don't shop adopt, all my cats have been hand me downs from adorable friends. Thank you for caring and sharing.

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Wonderful article. Thank you for caring and sharing.

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Pledge to adopt a rescue many dogs and cats need a second chance!

Pledge to spay or neuter!