Using Affirmations to Detoxify

The first important step to detoxification is to form a clear and strong intention. If you are not convinced that your life will be better as a result of eliminating something toxic, you will not have the motivation or will to make the change.

It is best to formulate your intention in a positive rather than a negative way. If you want to stop smoking, state your intention as “I want to breathe more easily and feel comfortable in my body without the need for tobacco,” rather than “I need to get rid of these horrible cigarettes from my life.”

If your desire is to stop drinking alcohol, formulate the intention that you wish to feel safe and centered without the need for self-medication. If you want to lose weight, formulate the intention that you want a healthy, fit body. Create a clear vision of how your life will be better as a result of letting go of the toxin.

Form a clear intention and reinforce your affirmations:

  • I commit to releasing_____from my life, once and forever.
  • Without____in my life, I look and feel healthy.

Throughout the day, practice your affirmation and the envisioning of your life free from the toxic habit until your body-mind is spontaneously resonating with this vision for your life. Develop a clear vision of your new reality and create it through all your daily choices.

Adapted from Grow Younger, Live Longer, by Deepak Chopra, M.D. (Three Rivers Press, 2001).


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Interesting! Thank you.

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Does it work?

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When I do my relaxation exercise before going to sleep, I always use affirmations in combination with deep breathing. eg I breathe in wellness, or good health, healthy vitality or breathe in relaxation. It must work well because I always enjoy my dreams.

Recently, a dentist had the temerity to give me a mercury filling. So, Hello toxin ! When I returned to confront her with my concerns - she lied to me. I will take this further because she didn't give me a choice and had no right to put toxic mercury in my mouth.....

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