The Internet, the Writer, and the Video Artist

Often times, people focus on the negative aspects of using the internet. Although it’s true that obsessive use of the internet can be unhealthy, internet use in moderation can have some remarkable benefits, even for artistic types. The internet has provided ways to help the independent writer and the video artist gain success.

Independent writers now have the option of self-publishing their books online. Self-publishing a book online is inexpensive, and no trees need to be cut down in order to make the paper that the books would be printed on. There still is the cost of hiring an artist to create the book cover, unless you do the art yourself or go to one of the many websites that offer images that can be downloaded either for free or for a small fee. But in the long run, more money and more of the profit goes into the pocket of the writer, instead of publishers taking a big cut of the profit.

There are times when newbie writers have trouble finding publishers that will agree to publish their books. Such was the case of Amanda Hocking, who tried for many years to get a contract with a publishing company, but couldn’t. So one day, she tried self-publishing online. In the first month, she made a few hundred dollars, and the following month, her profits increased to several thousand dollars. Even after that, her profits continued to increase. This might’ve not been the case if she had to rely on traditional means of publishing. She may have still been confined to work a job with very little pay, writing books in her free time, and wondering if her books would ever be published. But luckily for her, she had the option of e-publishing. As of today, Miss Hocking, a young woman in her twenties, has a successful career as an e-book writer. However, not every self-publishing author has been as lucky as Miss Hocking, but for the ones who have, it’s helped them to actualize their dreams of being professional writers.

The internet has been life-changing for the screenwriter as well. Before the internet, if you wanted to create art that appeared on-screen, your only two options were television or the movies. Becoming a writer for television or the movies is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it’s been likened to a private club that’s hard to “break into” unless you have a friend on the inside, or you just happen to be one of the lucky few to slip a script past the “gatekeeper,” and into the hands of a producer. But luckily, nowadays, there’s a third option: producing web videos online.

Many have taken this route, and some have had some great success from it. Freddie Wong and Sandeep Parikh are a few of the pioneers who took their careers into their own hands and produced web videos online. Freddie Wong makes brilliantly crafted videos with amazing special effects and riveting action, combined with humor. He also happens to have two YouTube channels. His main channel gets over 3.6 million subscribers, and the second has over 1 million subscribers. Wong’s success is well-deserved because he works hard and strives to create the best quality work he can. Plus, he puts his whole heart into it. Creating videos is his passion. Parikh is similar to Wong in that way. Parikh is a writer, director and actor who created the Legend of Neil, a parody of The Legend of Zelda. Legend of Neil started out as a short four-minute video on YouTube that went viral, receiving several million viewers. Its success led to Comedy Central’s partner company financing Parikh to turn it into a web series, which he did. Parikh’s latest show is called Save the Supers, a fictional reality show about superheroes.



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thanks, I do agree with Bonnie however with there are a lot of failures but a lot of success stories also, don't go along with everything you read however, research it. The internet is entertaining as well as a bad thing in some ways, there are more ways of posting hate articles and bullying around now than when the internet wasn't around, care2 has some examples in their news section where everyone can post.

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Interesting. However, trying to be a Devil's Advocate, how many failures are there for every success in publishing, articles or artwork on-line? The internet is drowning in wannabe writers, churning articles after articles. Where does one turn to for help to get self-published for creditable help, I mean. Sure, there are all kinds of baits to self-publish, all for at a hefty price.

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It is good to read a case for moderate use of the Internet although our author makes her case in a defensive way which in itself is puzzling. Moderation is a very good thing but it seems rare to me; most people I know don't even think about their smart-phone, IPad, and computer use as something that needs monitoring.

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