The Joy of Buttered Eggs

I had never really thought or heard of buttered eggs until one day when I was reading a romance novel. It was Duchess by Night, by one of my favorite authors, Eloisa James. I think it started out as a suggestion to help someone sober up. Then it became a means to comfort a child. But all that talk of hot buttered eggs made me hungry, and so I made them, and they were good and “silky,” which is how one of Eloisa’s characters described them in the book. I kind of made up the recipe, since there was none given—just an idea in my head of what they must taste like and a memory of breakfast at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont from 28 years ago.


And then, once I was making them for my daughter’s future in-laws for breakfast and Jonathan Haile, her now-father-in-law, broke into prose at the sight of me cooking them, as he often does: “Time, tide, and buttered eggs wait for no man…” he said in his lofty British accent (a real one!) Apparently, he was quoting from a children’s novel by John Masefield called The Box of Delights.

Look for the USDA Organic seal, and find a local farmer who can attest to healthy living conditions for his poultry

He assured me that I was making them the proper British way, which made me feel rather good. But what makes me feel even better is, now when I ask my teenage daughter if she would like me to make her eggs, she almost always will say that if I make her buttery eggs, she will eat them. And so, I do. You can probably guess at how to make these, but I’ll tell you anyway because there are a few tips I’ve learned by doing.

Hot Buttered Eggs for Two


4–6 eggs
2 Tablespoons butter
Salt to taste


1. Turn the frying pan (preferably a well seasoned cast-iron skillet) on low, and melt the butter.

2. Crack and scramble the eggs with a fork in a bowl.

3. Add the eggs to the pan and keep the pan on LOW. Use a spatula to scramble the eggs gently and slowly.

4. Turn the heat off before the eggs are fully cooked, and let them finish from the heat of the pan.

The way to ruin hot buttered eggs is to overcook them.  And I’ve tried the “expert advice” of adding a bit of water or milk…totally unnecessary!

My own mother-in-law, who is Italian and does not have a British accent, would say to add chopped fresh mint and a bit of Romano cheese. That’s good, too!

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Thank you.

Emma S.
Emma S5 years ago

I'm British, and everyone I know would call this scrambled eggs! You're absolutely right about not overcooking, and in my opinion it has to be made with butter, much as I love olive oil.

Heather O.
Heather O5 years ago

To people like Alice B and the cruelty statement their is cruelty to all kinds of animals all over the world. Humans were designed to eat meat etc... Even Jesus ate fish which is meat when he was on Earth... No animals should be treated cruelty but unfortunately they are by people who lack morals and empathy for all of Gods creatures. It doesn't make anyone a bad person to consume animal products and everyone doesn't need to go vegan... And comments like yours are seen on every type of story having to do with meat or animal products and the comment is not going to convert anyone to vegan...We know what is going on in those places and it is up to everyone to monitor where their products come from and the way the animals are treated there. I don't really eat meat much myself but do consume dairy and occasionally eggs. There are lots of people raising their own chickens for eggs in my area and are cheap and easy to get, they are treated very well and live happy lives and are not given any drugs etc to aid in egg production. Its a simple fact our bodies need certain nutrients to work properly and some of us do not want to take supplements or vitamins to get our nutrition. Our bodies were designed to need these things before drug companies making supplements etc what else could people do besides eat these kinds of things. If we were meant to live off supplements etc then they would have been put here in place of animals for humans to have before we evolved and drug companies came

Heather O.
Heather O5 years ago

That is how I've always made egg's I figured most people did it this way :)

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Good recipe,thanks for sharing

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Protein is what we need everyday

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Thank you :)

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Scrambled eggs, light as a feather.