The Magic of Attention

Affluence of wealth means that one is easily able to fulfill one’s desires, whatever they may be, whether they apply to the material realm, or to our emotional, psychological or spiritual needs, or to the realm of relationship.

A truly wealthy person’s attention is never focused on money alone. Moreover, a wealthy person never has money concerns. You may have millions of dollars in the bank, but if you think all the time about money, if you have concern about it, if you worry about it—about getting more, about not having enough, about losing it—then irrespective of the dollar amount you possess, you are poor.

To have true wealth or affluence is to be totally carefree about everything in life, including money. True wealth consciousness is, therefore, consciousness of the source of all material reality. This source of all material reality is pure consciousness. It is pure awareness. It is the unified field. It is the field of all possibilities. We cannot know this field just by thinking about it because, by definition, it is transcendental to thought. We can, however, have experiential knowledge of this field by transcending to it and knowing it intimately as our own nature.

The best way to acquire knowledge of this field of pure being is through meditation.

Adapted from Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra (New World Library, 1993). Reprinted by permission of the author.
Adapted from Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra (New World Library, 1993).


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Thank you.

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Too true

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Kishore A. : YES!, just remove money........ :-)

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Money was made for one reason and that was to utilize it in a world system that necessitates it in order to purchase that that is vital for survival!

Lean Towards Y.
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I was working with a very, very wealthy person recently. They had such a poor quality of life, not only physically but spiritually. I found it hard to cope with their awful attitude. At no time were they happy. But more importantly, they had no gratitude for anything at any time. I heard countless stories of how they should have had so many more millions. They should have had a greater payback. They should have had more compensation. In the end I felt sickened by the lack of gratitude. I was seeing a vacant soul - a money changing machine. It was the poorest quality of life I've ever had the misfortune to observe.

A lesson surely from a higher being.