When Life Gets Dark, Find the Magic in Your Spirit

Everyday our souls create opportunities to awaken—to wake from fear, procrastination, anger, conflict, anxiety, loneliness, illness, judgment and regret. If we surrender to spirit in our moments of dread, magic envelops our being and creates space. We experience a quickening of conscious; recognition of truth at shutter-speed.  When our humanness yields to the presence of divine spirit, it gives us the courage to change.

I had one of those divine moments many years ago in my walk-in closet, curled up in a fetal position, sobbing. I shivered from fear throughout my body, an unfortunate yet familiar happening.  Somehow, on this day a separate part of me let my mind take a quick break from the fright–like a skip in a vinyl record. I started to wonder—there’s no rational reason for this drama. My husband had done this many times before–shouted in rage that he was leaving for good.  He always returned. I always took full responsibility. Yet there I was—again–snotty, hiding in shame, and terrified out of my mind.

Experiencing the rush of a new thought in that situation opened up my mind to other ideas. Perhaps my tears are about my dad, not my husband? My dad left the family when I was seven. The oldest of five, I had the heavy responsibility for the wellbeing of my younger siblings.  As a child I had the impression that he was the only one who really cared for me. Now, my body responded to this novel thought by stopping its rocking back and forth.

This break in thought created a supernatural opening.  As clear as day, I saw a past life image of myself in the center of my mind.  It was like a movie playing that conveyed an unmistakable truth about me. I was a man. Tall, tan, with balding blond hair, and far-set green eyes. He/I lived primarily alone. An understanding filled me; basically I walked the desert for a lifetime.  I loved nature and all its creatures. Their presence was my living room.  However, the overwhelming black loneliness of night was very had to bear.  I also realized as my perception quickened that I had a family who loved me. I could go to them for companionship, but for some unclear reason, shame held me back.  My 20th-century self wondered ever so slightly, if I was repeating a pattern—was I holding myself back from love and affection again?

Somehow, that day, I was able to leave the closet without my usual heavy shadow of self-blame.  Instead, I felt a courageous bent after learning of the old version of me. There were no apologies that day.  I had lived alone and was mostly fine. I wondered, if I had to do that again—live as a single person–if I would be OK? In this lifetime l had three constant companions–my children. Aware of the loneliness my desert-dwelling self felt, I made a mental contingency plan.  I will need great friends in place when my daughters take flight and invent their own lives.

I had no plans to divorce my husband, but I was fascinated by these new thoughts. They freed me.  From what, I didn’t know. A sweeping openness calmed my mind.  So much so, that the next time his face puffed out in a fleeting fiery rage, I hoped he wouldn’t come back.

The things that frighten us most aren’t meant to shut the body and heart down. Instead, the presence of fear is truly to alert the mind that something wonderful is very close to revealing itself.  Spirit is always near and ready to illuminate all limitations. It can do this by creating a single break in thought. Turning away from fright, sometimes for only a few seconds, will transform your life.

A few years after my last terror in the closet, I ended my marriage. The amount of positive change that has entered my life since my divorce is astronomical.  I have experienced real happiness, love, success and freedom.  And to some extent many of these positive experiences have multiplied with each passing year.

The magic of spirit is strongest when you are present to darkness.  Finding something to distract how fear limits you, just for a few seconds, unveils your magnificence.

Here are a few tips to ease you into wonder when all you feel is grief:

* Try having a nurturing conversation with yourself.  Speak to yourself in the second person using words like “I know you’re having a tough day.  Regardless of how you’re feeling right now, I know everything will be better than OK.” Many times our being needs care and affection to let go of limiting ideas and feelings.

* Take a moment and look around your environment. Gazing at pleasant objects (furniture, plants, pets, or art work) can shift energy away from the illusion of fear and back to the present moment.  Once aware, express gratitude, “Thank you for any helpful information from my higher-self that aligns me to truth.” Asking for answers with thanks, as if it has already happened, speeds up response time.

* Asking key questions that interrogate the persistent unease can connect the mind to new thoughts and feelings. Try asking these simple questions; Are these feelings justified?  Am I in any real danger? The mind will quickly analyze any potential real threats. Its ability to use common sense in the moment can free your being of distress. And in a flash real awareness will rush in.


Written by Marie Manuchehri, Author of Intuitive Self-Healing, Contributor to Intuition & Symbols on AllThingsHealing.com


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It helps to trust in one's spirit. At one point and time, we all suffer from wounded hearts from those who are supposed to love us and care for us. Yes, trusting in the spirit helps one to move on. No one needs to remain in a toxic relationship- no matter what ties bind you.They hurt you once, they will do it again. Solitude is nothing to fear- it opens the portal to peace, calm and serenity. One needs to learn how to be comfortable with oneself- then you can connect to your higher self/intuition. There is more to this world than be suffocated and thrust in a painful situation. No one needs to put up with other's drama. Life is too short. There is only so much drama one's spirit will bear.

Spirit is always near and ready to illuminate all limitations...
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Harley Williams
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I remember when having bad times that JESUS and the Father loved me so much that JESUS died to save me from sin, and self loathing for He created me a child of GOD who created the universe. Yet still cares about me and all those around me. So no matter that I lose a job or get yelled at that I have a loving caring Father and Savior who is working with and through me by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to make me a better person and show love and care to others so that this world can be a better place of love and care.

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touching story

i like motivational quotes to help a bit too - a non denominational saint from the 1930s or so:

"Associating with strong, serene, kind, spiritual people is of great benefit to the nervous person. Even a few moments in the company of a saint can work wonders in producing calmness and quiet.

Soul nervousness requires meditation
There is another form of nervousness, “soul nervousness,” which can be destroyed only by meditation. In soul nervousness, the soul is so identified with the body that it has forgotten its real nature. It thinks it is nothing but a bundle of sensations.

The cure for soul nervousness lies in transferring your attention from this little cage of the body to the perception of the Infinite. As a child of the Infinite, you must learn to reflect the image of God.

Do your best today and forget tomorrow
It’s good to have a vision of the future, but don’t harass the soul with petty worries. God is in charge of planets, stars—everything that you see, yet He is never disturbed. Do your best today and forget tomorrow. God will take care of everything."


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I found this article quite moving, it also contains some really useful tips.
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