The Most Precious Gift

The greatest revelation you can have is that you live life once. Many would consider such a statement to be a trite saying, instantly dismissing it and in doing so, negating a powerful tool for radical transformation.

Never ever simply “get used” to the fact that you are alive. Never ever exist on earth and yet never truly live.

Life is a precious gift: wear this truth around your neck like a scarf, every single day. Keep this truth on your lips, in your mind, and in your heart, in every situation you encounter and in every conversation that takes place.

With such a viewpoint, you will have the ability to truthfully see into the souls of others and in doing so, you’ll view anger as a protection and blame as a coat with which to cover up hurt. You will see real meaning and deeper truths and no longer respond with cross words, but with bursts of radiant light that bring healing, comfort and transformation. For this is your purpose.

The world owes you nothing. You were not created to be a drain on society, to take, to keep, and to squander. You exist for a purpose – your purpose is contribution. Quit telling yourself your ‘woe is me’ story that drains your mind, energy and conversation. Here is the truth: No one cares. The more you wallow, the less of a chance you have of experiencing the real, beautiful, intangible joy that comes from living life for real.

Everything that you see around you – that you can feel, touch or use was first created in the minds of those who believed that these things could be. Stop harping on about the way that your life is and start visualising what it could be. As we dwell upon our dreams, we are empowered to become….Continue reading on

Mark Bowness went from rock bottom to on top of the world after realizing he hadn’t really been living. Mark works now to change the lives of others with his New Year’s Revolution.

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DJ M2 years ago

It's true - wallowing and reverting to the same old negative self-talk are draining habits. But habits which can be changed.

Carol Sinclair
Carol S4 years ago

Good message but his delivery is lacking!!!

Judy Apelis
Judy A4 years ago


Stacey O.
Stacey O.4 years ago

Yes, life is a precious gift but I know I have lived and will live more than one life.

Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert4 years ago

This one is very nicely written.

Alexia J.
Alexia J4 years ago

Plain and straight forward. I like that. Thank you.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago


Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

Sounds like good advice for wealthy people who have the bigest lack mentality around or they wouldn't feel the need to hoard so much wealth.What a prison, gilded as it may be, no one really does care. Love, like money must be kept in circulation for it to do any good.

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Anything from the heart

Sandra A.
Sandra A4 years ago

Better yet, be resourceful, be prepared, and always remember to play and have a good time.