The Nutrient that Burns Fat and Boosts Energy

Your body is the ultimate alchemist. With the help of a single powerful nutrient, it can burn fat to create energy. I know it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but after conducting extensive research for my new book 60 Seconds to Slim, I found that this miracle nutrient actually burns fat while giving people more energy.  Carnitine is the powerful nutrient that transports fat to your cells’ energy centers to burn it for energy.

Most people only get about 50 mg of carnitine in their daily diet but this is not enough for optimal health and it is insufficient to cause weight loss. The body can make this important nutrient from other nutrients we consume like lysine, methionine, vitamin C, iron, niacin, and vitamin B6, so it’s technically not an essential nutrient; however, a deficiency in any of these nutrients can cause a deficiency in carnitine, which may explain why carnitine deficiency is quite common. Some of the symptoms of a carnitine deficiency include: being overweight, having fatigue, heart problems, and high levels of triglycerides.

In a recent study, participants were divided into two groups: those that ate healthy and exercised moderately in one group and those that ate healthy, exercised moderately, and supplemented with two grams of carnitine daily. The results were astounding. Those who supplemented with carnitine lost an average of 11 pounds while the former group lost only 1 pound in 12 weeks.

According to carnitine expert and author of The Carnitine Miracle, Robert Crayhon, M.S., the reason why carnitine is so effective for weight loss is “because carnitine is the forklift that takes fat to the incinerators in our cells called mitochondria. Unless fat makes it into the mitochondria, you can’t burn it off…Once fat is inside the mitochondria fat is magically transformed into energy.”

Carnitine also powers up your endurance so if you’re exercising, you’ll start to notice that you can walk longer or work out longer without getting as tired. Research even shows that people who work out only once or twice a week start to perform as though they had greater levels of conditioning.

How to Benefit:

You’ll need to supplement with at least 500 mg to feel a difference and to reap the fat-burning benefits. Some people don’t notice the difference until they take 2000 to 3000 mg daily. Choose carnitine tartrate for the best results, since it is the purest and most effective form of the nutrient. It’s best taken early in the day on an empty stomach, ideally before breakfast.  Of course, consult a naturally-minded doctor or nutritionist before starting any nutrient or if you are taking any medications.

Avoid taking carnitine after 3pm since it may give you more energy than you’d like when you’re ready to sleep.

Super Health Bonus:

Carnitine also boosts heart health. Two-thirds of the energy needed to fuel the heart is derived from burning fat. Because carnitine helps us to burn fat more efficiently, it helps the heart to get sufficient energy for proper functioning. This is particularly true for people suffering from congestive heart failure. Carnitine also helps to clear the arteries, lower high triglycerides, and raise “good” HDL cholesterol that is known for its heart protective properties. That’s great news for anyone with heart disease, high blood pressure, or another heart condition.

Adapted from 60 Seconds to Slim by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, ROHP.

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