The pH Diet and Your Fertility

If you’re like most people you probably have vague recollections of boring high school chemistry classes when you hear the word, “pH.”  Don’t let chemistry class stop you from accessing one of the greatest factors for health, including your reproductive health.

All you need to know about pH to start reaping the health benefits of a more balanced body chemistry, is that it is a measure of acidity (think vinegar) or alkalinity (think baking soda) from 0 to 14.  Zero is the worst level of acidity possible and 14 is the highest level of alkalinity possible, with neutral being in the middle.  Your body maintains much tighter reins than that and will work diligently to balance your blood at a just slightly alkaline rate of 7.36.  However, our highly acid-forming diet (meat, dairy products, sugar and other sweets, wheat and white flour baked goods and pastas, coffee, tea, trans fats, and food additives found in most packaged and prepared foods) and our high stress lifestyles can take their toll on our body’s pH balancing mechanisms, leading to acidity.

Microorganisms like yeast, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and others thrive in an acidic environment.  Some of these nasty critters interfere with enzyme and co-enzyme production in the body, including ones that are essential to hormone health, as well as many other health concerns.  If a particular coenzyme is depleted, hormones that are critical to fertility and reproduction, in both men and women can become imbalanced.  Additionally, many of the microorganisms that begin to thrive in an acidic body can begin to feed on hormones, causing deficiencies.

Excess acidity or the microorganisms that thrive in that environment can be linked to reproductive concerns such as:  infertility, vaginal yeast or fungal overgrowth, vaginal infections, menstrual difficulties, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, and impotence.  If you are suffering from any of these concerns, you may benefit from kicking acid out of your diet, adding more alkalizing foods, and monitoring your pH levels on a regular basis—all of which are much simpler than you might think.

While the combination of acidity and microorganisms are not the cause of all reproductive issues, our bodies require a certain level of pH balance for health:  both reproductive and health in general.  “Kicking acid,” as I like to call it, is essential for your health.

Check out 4 Ways to Kick Acid for Great Health for more information on balancing your body chemistry.

Adapted from The Ultimate pH Solution by Michelle Schoffro Cook, MSc, PhD, RNCP, ROHP.


Elena T.
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Teresa W6 years ago

I've read that lemons acidify the body to such an extent that women who eat them later give birth to weak and sickly babies.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

I've read that lemons acidify the body to such an extent that women who eat lemons later give birth to weak and sickly babies.

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