The Power Of Intent

Intent is a seed in consciousness, or spirit. If you pay attention to it, it has within it the means for its own fulfillment. Intention’s infinite organizing power orchestrates countless details simultaneously.

Intent creates coincidence; it is the reason why, when you’re thinking of something, it happens. Intent is the reason why some people have a spontaneous remission or heal themselves. Intent orchestrates all the creativity in the universe.

And we, as human beings, are capable of creating positive changes in our lives through intent. So why do we lose that ability? The ability is lost when the self-image overshadows the self, when we sacrifice our true self for the ego.

The realization that “I” am separate from “you” starts to happen at around age two or three. At this stage a baby starts to differentiate between “me” and “mine,” and “not me” and “not mine.” This separation creates anxiety. In reality the world is not separate from us, but part of the continuum of consciousness.

Intent works by harnessing the creative forces inherent in the universe. Just as we have our personal creativity, the universe also displays creativity. The universe is alive and conscious, and it responds to our intent when we have our intimate relationship with the universe and see it not as separate but as our extended body.

We can restore the power of intent through a return to the true self, or self-actualization. People who attain self-actualization reestablish their connectedness to the non-local mind. They have no desire to manipulate and control others. They are independent of criticism and also of flattery. They feel beneath no one, but they also feel superior to no one. They are in touch with the internal reference point that is their soul, and not their ego.

Anxiety is no longer an issue, because anxiety comes from the ego’s need to protect itself. And that anxiety is what interferes with the spontaneity of intent.

Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press).


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Thank you :)

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Thanks for the article.

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{ the rage-aholics are gathering here, too *not just the road* - must be an intent to rage at those who have a difference of opinion other than their own, so, there'll be lots of rage - for no two people think exactly the same}

Focus, Intent, -> like a plan.

In business this term is vital.

Perhaps this blog is for the more practical minded readers, and perhaps they can find a better blog to comment, where their insights will be embraced.

But, then, what will we ever do without them?

Mary B.
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I love the way Dr. Chopra has of simplifying powerful concepts like 'intent' as the organizeing principal of creativity. How it is that so many people still don't understand what he's telling us is amazeing to me. What is so infuriateing is that those same people blow up out of proportion their OWN misunderstanding, asume it's what Dr Chopra is saying then trash him and his teachings as idiotic! It's easy to grasp that making a decision and setting a direction is intention, which sets things in motion. Then you must be aware of your own inner impulses to take action, being careful to match the emotional feel of them to what you want to accomplish.If no step is immediately available, you will realize the needed people and circumstances are not lined up yet.
If you're stranded on an island and you intend to be rescued, it could take awhile.While you're waiting, learn the survival skills you'll need to keep yourself alive.

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Jane why don't you test the power of intension outside the medical scenario which is such a hot asll comes back to , for instance having the intention to triumph over illness, or anything els and by having that intention willed cleanly without if's and's or but's willing it wanting it strongly, putting it out of your mind and then the serendipitous hook up of some sort that leads you to mastery of whatever. If I am , let's say the terrible thing, casting a spell I think of the action like shooting an arrow. Aiming it is my intention, the emotional extreme (happy or not), the desire and need is the power of pulling the bow and last but of equal importance it must leave your consciousness The same holds true for fear of a negative.: as long as you're aware of it it's not happening. That's why instead of suppressing and burying it you have to confront, challenge, go through clearing it consciously, completely.Otherwise, same thing as for a positive; when you completely forget it it will happen. You must totally forget , and then it will hit the target, manifest concretely. No belief is necessary or advisable. That comes with certainty gained by success that when you do it that way it works. If it doesn't it's simple to go back and check the process and do it till it works. That's the power of intention, completely testable.

Jane Barton
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"Can we please stop with the stupid idea that people wish themselves beset with cancer or healed from cancer? It is one of the most offensive things I have ever heard, and anyone who repeats it ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for saying something so disgusting."

Thank you Ruth. I am so sick of hearing all it takes to be healed from cancer is to think positive and if you can't, then it's your own fault. I'm tired of being steered toward shaman and voodoo to cure mental illness. If any of that quack stuff worked everybody would be cured, wouldn't they? And if there was a real "god" he would show himself and he wouldn't "charge" you to get into pie heaven. This universal consciousness nonsense is all gobbledegook. You can learn more from a good orgasm.