Pink Business: Become a Heartpreneur Pt 4

So What is Pink Business? What Does It Mean to Be a Heartpreneur?

Pink Business: At its core, Pink Business is an approach that not only allows people to live as whole beings, but thrives when they do. At Owning Pink, we advocate owning all the parts of yourself – even the dark, scary, and unflattering ones – as a way of tapping into that Inner Pilot Light within you, that sparkly, effervescent, never-extinguished spark that helps you ROCK your business. Pink Business must be a way of creating value that furthers peoplesability to find their own Inner Pilot Lights so they can flourish.

Let’s reexamine the assumptions above with this goal in mind, while applying the values and beliefs we here at Owning Pink have about how the Universe works, namely:

  • The Universe is abundant
  • When we act with true love in our hearts and let go of limiting beliefs about how things “should” happen, magic takes over and the impossible becomes possible
  • Everything is happening as it is and for the highest good

These beliefs provide us guidance for the three core principles of Pink Business.

Whose success matters?

Traditional business is focused on beating the competition and an assumption of scarcity that puts a focus on winners and losers. Believing in abundance, however, Pink Businesses are free to seek the win-win.

Pink Business Principle #1

Pink Business Principle #1 is about whose success matters: For our business to succeed, our employees, customers and partners must also succeed.

What is the goal of Pink Business?

Our economy and business culture tend to behave as if making it to the top of the Fortune 100 is the point of being in business. But in falling into this constant upwardly mobile profit-trap, the prevailing business culture ignores the reality that all meaningful growth is cyclical, going through periods of reduced activity to reinvest, absorb and prepare for the next cycle. This is the way our earth works; it’s how we as individuals work (physically and psychologically); and it’s the way healthy businesses work too. If you’ve lived inside a business strained from growing too fast, you know what I mean. It hurts. Doing too much too fast is just as detrimental as not doing enough or going too slow. (Once more, the female fable wins –Mama Bear is just right.)

In other words, all in good time, my dears! You can’t rush success. Things happen as they’re meant to happen, in Divine timing, and while that may feel frustrating, in Pink Business, we know that it’s as it should be. Trust me, when you look back with your retrospectoscope, you’ll see how all the pieces line up just perfectly!

Pink Business Principle #2

The goal of Pink Business is to achieve a triple bottom line:

  • To add value to our employees, readers, partners and sponsors so that we can help more people heal, connect, and thrive
  • To provide an environment where our employees, readers and partners are challenged to grow personally and bring their gifts into the world
  • To support Owning Pink’s owners and employees in financial comfort so we can keep offering our healing gifts and changing the world

Managing things this way isn’t easy, but not because it takes more time and energy. It’s hard because in order to manage situations so that they facilitate the growth and prosperity of the business and all the people it touches, I have to send my own ego to time out. Being human, the elimination of the ego is not instinctual, easy or even possible. But when I can step into my wholeness as a leader, rather than shrinking into the smallness of my ego, I empower leadership in those who work with me, allow my own bright light to shine, and open up the healing potential of everything Owning Pink seeks to accomplish.

This personal intersection of ego and the good of the business is where the last principle becomes so important.

What’s the worst that could happen?

So much of our lives we live in fear. While most of what we fear is just a figment of our imagination, humans have evolved fear into a fine art of manipulation and become so good at it that everyone falls victim to unfounded fear. It’s just the way it is. Or is it? Personally, I’ve found imagining “the worst” to be freeing sometimes. Imagining these situations frees my creativity to find new ways to solve problems I don’t even have today. Quite often I find new and better solutions to the problem in the first place!

So why should business be any different? Why should we live in fear of going out of business? What if our idea isn’t as valuable as we thought it was? Is our goal to see Pink spread through the world so we can help millons of people heal themselves? Or is it just to get rich or famous? If we get our own egos out of the way and free ourselves from fear, then our mission doesn’t have to be accomplished through us – it simply needs to be accomplished.

Pink Business Principle #3

Going out of business is not the worst that could happen. The worst that could happen is that we do not accomplish #1 and #2.

Not being afraid of going out of business doesn’t mean we can be irresponsible with our resources because we have Principle #2 to keep us focused. But it does free us from fears that might make it too easy to compromise our integrity and succumb to doing business with people that don’t share our values or limit our own potential. We don’t plan to go out of business, but we’re not going to live in fear of it either.

Being Pink in Business is Still a Personal Responsibility

Even if we bring our personal and professional selves to the table in operating Owning Pink under the Pink Business principles outlined here, businesses are made up of individual people. In our case, we include in this group our community, the people we serve – our employees, our bloggers, our readers, our partners and our sponsors. Just as we strive to grow a principle-based business, to be true to our Pink, we invite all of you to join us in this endeavor and contribute in ways that challenge you, cause you to grow and reach deep into your soul to pull out your mojo and share it with the world.

In 2011, Owning Pink finally became a business (many thanks to those of you who bought the Get Out Of Your Own Way e-course! Yee-haw!) and we’re growing the business every day, which means I continue to grow as a business leader. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been a huge growth opportunity for me and those who work with me.

As I put my white coat back on again, clarify my calling, and step more fully into my personal power, these Pink principles become even more important for me.

What about you? Do you run a Pink business? What wisdom do you business-owners have to share with our community? What kind of heart-preneur are you?

Pinkifying business,


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Many thanks to InPower rock star Dana Theus for help crafting the principles behind this post. Dana has been a superstar teacher for me. As a doctor/ artist, nobody ever taught me to be a leader. If anything, medical school and residency taught me to be a dictator – I give orders, you follow them. But Owning Pink is not that kind of business (and frankly, in The New Medicine model Im writing about in my next book, medicine shouldnt be that kind of business either.)

Dana continues to teach me how to step into my power as a leader, not in an ego-centered way, but in a heart-centered way. I know many of you are struggling with similar issues, so I wanted to share with you how Dana and I have tried to define Pink Business, so you might apply these principles to your own business. Bless you, Dana!


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.commotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.

Dana Theus: InPower Leadership Coaching - take back your power to change the world

Learn more about Lissa Rankin here.



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