The Role of Fathers in Parenting

Yesterday, I read this article inElephant Journal about a new generation of dads who are sticking around after divorce. The article applauds the efforts of these fathers to remain in the lives of their children even if the parents decide divorce is the right option.

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to say that I feel that fathers in general – whether divorced or married – are active as parent in ways they weren’t in the past. I think it began with the boomer generation. My father was and is very emotionally present in my lie. The 1960′s and 1970′s rebellion against predetermined

gender roles helped fathers to realize that being involved the emotional lives of their children is a rich and important experience for both parent and child.

Moreover, as women are increasingly becoming leaders in the workplace, they need their husbands to be true partners. The purview of a man is no longer (entirely) separate from that as a woman. Men and women must split the parenting – both in terms of the actual work that must be done and, more recently, the emotional investment. And I must say that , in my experience, many men are happy to step up.



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