The Rules of a Post-Holiday Diet Recovery

Our knee-jerk reaction after a food and drink bender, like Memorial weekend, is to starve ourselves. “If I don’t eat today I’ll make up for all the potato chips and beer this weekend,” we think. That is the wrong move. Our bodies need calories for everything from simple body functions like making our heart beat to giving us the energy to move through the day. We also need calories, believe it or not, to lose weight.

Just because you indulged a little (or a lot) over this holiday weekend (or know you will for the remaining summer weekends), it’s no reason to give up. If your last choice wasn’t the healthiest, then make your next choice a little better. It really is all about one choice at a time. So make today a better day.

Again, don’t starve. If you really want to be calorie conscious, eat several small meals today and keep each to about 300 calories.

And when you do eat, focus on clean foods, fiber and protein. Consider big leafy green entree salads, egg white omelets with colorful veggies, or salmon with green vegetables. Both fiber and protein make your body work a little harder during digestion, and the fiber will aid in digestion, naturally removing any of the “toxins” you consumed on Monday afternoon.

Next, be sure to sweat! Pound the pavement and push all those toxins out through your pores. You’ll get rid of the bloat that’s weighing you down and kick your metabolism back in to gear. If the gym isn’t your scene, these 5 dance-inspired fitness classes will help get you right back in to swimsuit shape.

One more way to beat the bloat is to sip on green tea. Have a small glass with each of your meals; and if the taste is too much to bear, add a thin slice of lemon.

By giving your “diet” or routine a little TLC for the next few days, you’ll forget that Memorial Day cookouts ever happened to you. Just because one burger or cocktail too many made it in to your hands doesn’t mean it’s time for a diet pill intervention. Just do what you normally do with a little more effort for a few days.

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Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Great to know. Thanks Brandi.

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Sound advice :)

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Harshiita Sharma
Harshita Sharma5 years ago


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Good advice.

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I keep reading about green tea everywhere so I'm definitely going to start drinking some

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Silas Garrett
Silas Garrett5 years ago

Sensible advice, I suppose. My solution has involved detoxifying tea, lots of fresh fruits, and lighter meals, but whatever works for you.