The Secret Illness That’s Making Millions Miserable

There is nothing fun about being sick. Depending on how well you’ve been taking care of your body, illness can be as simple as a sore throat or as costly as a stay in the hospital. The first step to treating any sickness, whether chronic or acute, is the diagnosis. You’ve got to know what you’re up against before you can fight it! Which is why it’s even more disturbing to realize that there has been a sharp rise in the number of people suffering from an undiagnosable disease.

The sickness is called “leaky gut“and a significant number of cases are routinely misdiagnosed as other conditions. Leaky gut is thought to be caused by a combination of stress, poor diet, and high consumption of antibiotics and NSAIDs–all things developed countries have in spades.

Unaware of what’s actually happening to the body means those with leaky gut sometimes suffer unnecessary disability or death.

“In theory, leaky gut syndrome results from damage to the intestinallining that leads to a state of intestinal hyperpermeability, allowing undigested proteins, fats, waste, bacteria, and other toxins to ‘leak’ through the gut membrane, which should only allow healthy nutrients through,” Lissa Rankin reported for Care2. “These particles can then wind up in the blood stream andlymphatic system, where the immune system tries to come to the rescue to eliminate these unwanted intruders, triggering an auto-immune response. While a natural immune response is usually a good thing, too much can lead to a state of inflammation, which wreaks havoc in ways you may never relate to gastrointestinal function.”

So why are we just now learning about this painful and life-threatening condition? And more importantly, what can we do to fix it? Scroll through the infographic below to learn all that and more.

This Secret Illness Could be Making You Sick

7 Tips to Help Your Gut
How Healing the Leaky Gut Could Heal Your Life

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Diane M. The only connection between Metformin and Pancreatic Cancer, is it's believed to reduce the cancer/tumors.

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