The Slow Foods Movement

“Slow Food has become an adroit advocate for the protection of the environment, as well as for the enjoyment and appreciation of fine food and drink.” – Food Arts

The Slow Food movement has evolved from being a purely wine and food association into an organization for the defense of vegetable, animal, and cultural diversity. Not that they have forgotten their origins as lovers of the pleasure of food, wine, and conviviality and as revivers of a passion for slowness, such as an indispensable tool for improving the quality of our lives.

The cultural goals of the international Slow Food movement are to defeat all forms of chauvinism, to reappropriate diversity, and to indulge in a healthy dose of cultural relativism. SLOW, “the international herald of taste and culture” and the quarterly review, first saw the light of day in April 1996 when it was published in three editions: Italian, English, and German. SLOW is now in its fifth year.

Over the years SLOW has addressed biodiversity, defense of local cultures, the Ark project, a stand on bio-technologies, animal well-being, and more. From the Ark, SLOW developed concrete initiatives to reactivate the economies connected to products on the verge of extinction.

Slow Food now boasts more than 65,000 members all around the world, a vast global network of mean and women capable of generating ideas and programs to defend taste and the right to a responsible, knowing form of pleasure; one that is respectful of cultural and material diversity, and one in which all can share.

Adapted from Slow Food, edited by Carlo Petrini.Copyright (c)2001 Slow Food Arcigoloa Editore srl-Bra (Cn). Reprinted by permission of Chelsea Green Publishing Company.
Adapted from Slow Food, edited by Carlo Petrini.


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