The Soul of Love

Our soul is the weaving of our memories and desires, providing the template for all our aspirations, choices and experiences in life. We can look at the soul as a confluence of contexts and meaning. Context entails a set of relationships and meaning is the way we interpret the relationships. Our lives are a river of relationships and meaning.

Each of us is continuously re-enacting one of the perennial themes of love—trust and betrayal, requited love and forbidden lust, unconditional love and calculating neediness. From Adam and Eve to Judas and Jesus, the most powerful stories we tell each other across time and culture are love stories. Love is the primal force on earth and beyond all the obvious and stated reasons, behind every action is love.

Striving for good grades in school, doing well in a job, creating a great work of art, composing a beautiful symphony, writing a great novel, winning the Nobel Prize—if you dig deep enough you will see that all these stories are love stories in disguise. In actuality, the only reason we do anything is for more love, although we may go to considerable lengths to conceal our true motivations.

Our discussion of love leads to a simple conclusion: For the benefit of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, generate more love in your life. Each morning when you awaken, ask youself, “How can I create more love today? How can I express more love today? How can I be open to receiving more love today?” In every interaction ensure that some exchange of love takes place.

Adapted from Grow Younger, Live Younger, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2001). Reprinted by permission of the author.
Adapted from Grow Younger, Live Younger, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2001).


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thanks for sharing

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Love doesn't exist, unless you mean sex. :-P

Julia R.
Julia R6 years ago

Love is probably the single most important element in all our lives! I believe it is the prime motivator in everything we do! And when tragically people's lives are stripped of it, either because they don't have a supportive family or they become estranged from their partner when they aren't getting this vital necessity to our well being that they can become emotionally or even physically ill.

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Create love each day - I love it!

Thanks YOU!

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Love is one thing, important, after all those songs on it!

But these Oprah pop-ups continuously on care2 are bringing a much different emotion to mind !!!!!

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I can generate more love by putting in my hours on Care2.

And, my love, my precious one, it is all for you.

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