The Source of Light and Union

Separating illusion from reality doesnít usually happen all at once. What we experience as reality changes in different stages of consciousness. For those who decide to renounce the world completely, itís possible to leap directly toward the goal. But even then there is no guarantee that perception has actually shifted.

A person may enter a monastery because the Church deems that a holy life. But if old perceptions get dragged through the door, the monastery holds the same traps as the material world: Ego.

Jesus wanted his disciples to come into union with God. Any other life was steeped in illusion. Ego keeps that illusion strong because ďI, me, and mineĒ is so rooted in worldly affairs. The most worthwhile life is spent discovering your spiritual core and building your existence on it. If you do that, you will be first in the eyes of God even if you are last in the eyes of the world.

If you can perceive the light within, you will gain its fullness. But if you are blind to it, you will have none. The reality you find yourself in depends on you. The light is Godís reality, the dark is the absence of God.

Jesus wanted to share the unity he experienced with God, and therefore he often used the phrase abide in me. The parable of the grapevine elaborates on the point. Jesus declares that being cut off from God is sterile and fruitless. The sap that nourishes the vine and causes it to bear fruit is God, the source of life. By implication, the only life that escapes death is one that connects back to its ultimate source.

Adapted from The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


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wise words

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Light and darkness were once potentials.

In the sparkling darkness, the separation was made
as in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Before the knowledge of good and evil, each
held it's position without discrimination, entwined.

In separation was the first pain.

Remember what is good for the fox is bad
for the rabbit.

Thus came the chaos and the choosing,
Thus was sown the first seed of the
lower worlds though it impregnated
through the multiple levels even
into this the world of dark illusions.

You speak of scripture.
Without quoting,
scripture says both
that there is no darkness
in God and that God
dwells in darkness.

This is on of the many

the word contradiction
is anathema.

If you can come to
the riddles,
you will gain

check your concordance or google

Lord Kal, I love you just the way you are.

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Noted and captured.

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So many different views - all interesting to read. However, some always here to disagree with Deepak's books and also too shy to show their faces........