The Taurus Cat

Cardinal element: EARTH
Ruling planet: VENUS
Earth color: CERISE
Mineral element: COPPER

YOUR CATíS BIRTH SIGN (If you donít know it, select one that fits!)

Beyond what the genetic makeup of your cat imparts, the personalities among kittens in a litter tend to be quite similar, even when taking into consideration differences in sex and pecking order. Perhaps this is because they are born close together in time and usually share the same sun sign and several other planetary positions.

Though the serious astrological practitioner would develop a natal horoscope based on the exact time and place of the catís birth, this isnít absolutely necessary for our purposes. The care, feeding, and spiritual well-being of our cats can benefit enormously if we simply learn about their astrological archetype. If you donít know your catís birthday or exact age, you could choose a sun sign to celebrate the day you adopted her or the sign closest to her in personality and likeness.


Throughout the ages, people have applied astrological principles to every aspect of their physical and spiritual lives. In much the same way, you can explore the 12 sun signs to help you augment your relationship with your cat.


Because each of the signs governs a different part of the body, study the information provided for all twelve signs. Earth colors represent the physical plane, and astral colors are ethereal, or more spiritual in nature.

TAURUS governs the cerebellum, liver, gallbladder, thyroid, throat, and neck, with a possible relationship to kidney problems. The sign of purification, Taurus is ruled by Venus, which controls intercellular fluid and influences infectious diseases. An elementary quality of dry cold is associated with this Earth sign.

The Taurean cat will do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Her shyness is endearing, though it may be frustrating when youíd like to show off her charming ways to friends and neighbors, but she wonít perform. Even to animal trainers, the stubborn Taurus proves quite a challenge. However, outside this pigheadedness, Taurus cats are a delight to have underfoot and love to be cuddled on your lap. Taurus cats tend to bond with one person, but they can be magnanimous with their affection.

Taurean people are very outspoken. Without speech, the Taurus cat needs to express herself through physical means, so she needs plenty of exercise. A cat tree made of natural wood and hemp placed next to a sunny window will please her. If you had an aviary or an aquarium, she would delight in watching the birds fly or the tropical fish moving about in the water.

Vibrations and harmony are very important to Taureansí well-being. Harsh or bright light and colors upset them, as do loud noises, so keep the stereo turned low. But they do love sound, such as the jungle, bird, or whale sounds found on nature CDs. Buy one of these, or better yet, make your own recording, reading in your gentlest voice. (Cats of all signs appreciate hearing their human companionsí voices.)

Taurus cats have great powers of concentration. They try very hard to understand what you need, but this has to suit them, or the bull emerges victorious. If youíre lucky enough to adopt Taurus as a kitten, youíll delight in watching her grow into a magnificent cat.

Artwork of Coco Puff ~ Tonkinese Cat by Nazim Artist

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Peggy B
Peggy B2 months ago


Kamia T.
Kamia T2 years ago

Sorry, but given that all of my cats and dogs have been dropped off rescues, there's simply no real way to know their birth dates, and I don't really think it matters, frankly.

DaleLovesOttawa O.

Very different, astrology for cats. Interesting art/photo but somewhat blurry, unless this is intentional.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad6 years ago

Looks like a pencil drawing but the markings on this cat are stunning!

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Monica D.
Monica D6 years ago

Hmm. All cats probably exhibit some of these traits. Cats rule.

Edith B.
Edith B6 years ago


Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey6 years ago

Interesting. Celeste believes cats are obligate carnivores(which I completely agree) , then believes the configuration of the universe somehow caters to our personal(and extraordinarily miniscule-smaller than microbe size-by comparison) place in life.

Les Rose
Les Rose6 years ago

Yes I do have a cat. Used to have 2 until last year. The one we lost lived happily to 21 years. It was a warm and fulfilling relationship, without resorting to silly magical inventions. Astrology has been tested literally to death - it does not work.

But I would love to know the subject of Celeste's PhD thesis - and who awarded it.

Kye J.
michelle t6 years ago

Hmmm.Very very strange!!!!