The Vegg: A Vegan Alternative for Eggs

By Sarah Shultz for Diets In Review | Image via Vegg website

We have tofurkey, chik’n, and many other faux meat products, and now vegetarians and vegans can add another imitation animal product to their shopping list: fake egg yolks. The Vegg is a vegan egg yolk made entirely from plants that is intended to look and taste like a real egg yolk.

The Vegg’s creator, Rocky Shepheard, came up with the idea of a vegan egg after reading an April Fool’s Day article about a vegan fried egg and becoming disappointed when he realized it was a prank. He set out to make his own, and two years later he had a product on his hands.

To cook a Vegg, which is sold in powder form, you must mix it with water and blend. It is made out of nutritional yeast, black salt, sodium alginate to thicken, and beta carotene for color. From there, the Vegg can be used as an egg substitute in omelets, french toast, custard, or whatever tickles your fancy.

It was formulated to look, smell, and taste just like an egg, so it makes a great replacement for any food that highlights eggs in its recipe. Or you can eat a complete fake egg by making “egg” whites out of tofu and eating the Vegg on top in all of its warm yolky goodness. This vegan-friendly egg yolk is different from the competition because unlike other egg replacers, it can be a standalone imitation egg product.

The Vegg retails at $7.99 per package and one package makes about 35 egg yolks. The company donates 10 percent of its profits to Compassion Over Killing – an organization dedicated to ending animal abuse in agriculture.

One big reason the Vegg exists, in fact, is to protest cruelty to animals in the food industry. As their website states, “The Vegg is all-vegan, which is great news for the more than 250 million egg-laying hens in the U.S., most of whom spend their lives intensively confined inside barren wire cages.” Shepheard himself is a committed vegan and activist who protests the treatment of animals bred for eating in the United States.

The Vegg is beginning to catch on in vegan circles, having sold 8,000 packages so far in health food stores and on their website. Shepheard is now working on a vegan egg patty to serve on breakfast sandwiches. Soon he will also get to work on creating a complete vegan fried egg with the yolk and an egg whites alternative.

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Traci Phillips
Traci Phillips4 years ago

Sounds as though baking just became easier

Amy Stotler
Amy S5 years ago

Neat, thank you

billy belshaw
Past Member 5 years ago


Yvette T.
Past Member 5 years ago

I have purchased vegecyber "fried eggs". hey are okay,. he "bacon" is divine, as are many other products that are completely organic vegan! I order online unless I am in a city where Loving Huts carry these products, or in their LA area warehouse, where shopping is encouraged! I will now visit the website for "Vegg" and read more!

Lika S.
Lika P5 years ago

Um, imitating a real egg using tofu for the whites, and this Vegg for the yolk? Why not just try to bust animal abusive type farms? Natural, or forget it.

Liz Edwards
Joan Edwards5 years ago

Sounds yucky to me. I'll stick to my fruit salads for brekkie.

Dagmar Breg
Past Member 5 years ago

I want veggs. Can you only buy them online?

Shelley R.
Shelley R5 years ago

this is a great idea. I hope it gets more attention as this is a product that could be utilized by anyone in cooking. Spread the word to anyone who wants or needs an alternative to the egg.

Miranda Parkinson


Richard T.
Richard T5 years ago