The Very Best Online Shops for Zero Waste Goodies

According to World Bank researchers, the world generates more than 3.5 million tones of solid waste each day, with the United States contributing a whopping 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day. In response, many people are embracing a modern, trash-free lifestyle as part of the zero waste movement — myself included.

The benefits are numerous. Taking trash out of your life entirely has a number of distinct health benefits, both immediate and long term. Zero wasters are also generally in less contact with plastics, avoid processed foods and quit using conventional cosmetics that would otherwise wreak havoc on their bodies.

Instead, the “zero waster” takes reusable bags to the grocery store, stashes bulk goods in glass jars, replaces dangerous toiletry items like conventional deodorant with homemade versions and uses a safety razor (if anything) instead of a disposable Gillette. Zero wasters also seek out natural, recyclable materials — the standouts being stainless steel, glass, bamboo and organic cotton.

Sustainable products like this, while commonplace just 100 years ago, have been majorly replaced by unrecycleable synthetics in most stores (walk down the household cleaning aisle in Walmart and you’ll be hard pressed to find a wooden pot scrubber like this one), which is why zero wasters who don’t have major-city advantages turn to online shops to find what they need.

What makes these shops zero waste?

Zero waste shops like Wild Minimalist and Tiny Yellow Bungalow offer eco goodies to worldwide customers while also maintaining as close to zero waste operations as possible. Package Free Shop in Brooklyn, for example, has a strict packaging policy and works one on one with brands to help them make sustainable changes within their companies, such as reducing plastic use or product packaging.

What products should I buy first?

While most zero wasters would recommend working with what you have, there are a few items you’ll want to buy if you plan on pursuing a zero waste lifestyle. Here’s a quick starter list:

  • A couple of tote bags
  • Reusable drawstring bags for produce and bulk goods
  • A set of storage jars for your pantry
  • A reusable cutlery set or multipurpose utensil for while you’re out and about
  • A hankie or cloth napkin
  • A reusable glass or steel straw
  • A lunchbox

Got your shopping list? Let’s take a peek at my favorite online zero waste shops: Package Free Shop, Wild Minimalist, Tiny Yellow Bungalow, Life Without Plastic, Mighty Nest and The Ultimate Green Store.

The Best Zero Waste Shops Online

Package Free Shop

Ever chic, Brooklyn-based Package Free Shop is a great place to start browsing for your collection of eco-friendly reusables. Everything you need you’ll find here, including safety razors, personal care items, toiletries, reusable containers and even joggers made from fabric remnants! Everything shipped will come to you without any plastics.

Wild Minimalist

“Passionate about living a minimal, zero waste lifestyle and helping others do the same,” the founders of Wild Minimalist, Max and Lily, offer timeliness reusable alternatives to disposable products for both home life and travel. Can’t find what you need secondhand? Definitely look here! There’s tons to choose from.

Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Georgia-based Tiny Yellow Bungalow is a one stop shop for people looking for sustainable products. The shop exclusively features items that the owner, Jessie at the blog Tiny Yellow Bungalow, has tried herself. I especially love their Mason jar pour-over drink kit and handmade items!

Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic has been a go-to resource for zero wasters for years — long before it was gaining popularity. All products are entirely plastic free, so no worries there, and have been well-vetted by their team of eco warriors. Chantal and Jay, the couple that runs the site, are also true activists, working hard to raise awareness about the detriments of plastic by providing solid science- and experience-based information. Love it!

Mighty Nest

Inspired by the birth of their first child, founders Kristen and Chris launched — an online shop dedicated to helping parents find safe, healthy products for their families. All products on MightyNest are natural, organic, non-toxic, sustainably-sourced and beautifully-designed. Perfect for young families!

The Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store is exactly what it sounds like: a one-stop green shopping destination. The Ultimate Green Store goes far beyond household items and to-go kits. They also sell USDA-certified organic cotton bedding, mattresses, baby clothes, and kids toys! This is certainly a shop to bookmark.

Have you tried going zero waste? Where do you do your shopping?



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Joanna Villar24 days ago is a Miami based plastic-free online shop with high community involvement! Check them out! 🌱

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I recently purchased from Zerovana ( and loved their zero-waste products and packaging.

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Cate S3 months ago - also a good online store with plastic free shipping and seems to be less expensive than some of the others on this list.

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Apart from the straws that we don't use (and we don't think anyone needs them unless they have some physical problem), we have/do all the rest.

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