The Vision of Your Heart

Vision is vital. It is the fuel that motivates action. It gives meaning to our lives, the aspiration to reach beyond our limits. Vision tells us where to put our energy, allows us to push through unforeseen obstacles. Vision also seems to be innate. Human beings have an innate capacity to sense their own, and life’s, potential, without any outside help. It is in the vision of our true heart that we find our wisdom.

If we examine the assumptions we make when embarking on anything new–a romantic relationship, a business venture, even a spiritual practice–they can be very revealing about the wisdom of the heart. It knows something about what is ultimately real. Learn here what the vision of your heart may be revealing to you:

The assumptions when starting something new reveal something simple that the heart never forgets, even if the mind no longer dares to believe. This vision feels clearer, more authentic, even if it is constantly sabotaged by forces we never anticipate. If we pay close attention to how we feel and act when we are initiating something new, we can discover a great deal about our natural state, and, indeed, about the natural state of life.

Cast your mind back to a time when you began something new. If you bump up against cynicism and disappointment (“it won’t work out”), go back further in your memory to a new experience you can feel. The innocent vision usually emphasizes play, laughter, connection with the body, physical pleasure, and the spontaneous and uncensored expression of life.

The qualities of natural vision tend to include happiness, contentment, being fully present, harmony, fulfillment, success, ease, and honesty.

Other qualities of original vision include being centered, loving, patient, and generous and acting with integrity and social responsibility.

Adapted from The Translucent Revolution, by Arjuna Ardagh (New World Library, 2005). Experience Ardagh at Omega Institute's Being Fearless Conference, 3/31 - 4/2,


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