The Void

Suddenly the unseen has become incredibly more powerful than the seen. In what way is the “field of fields” like a mind?

Thinking, the basic operation of the mind, organizes reality to make sense. The universe does this physically. It forms complex systems. DNA is one example, but genes didn’t create life simply by stringing simple molecules along a double helix. There are spaces between each genetic bit, and this sequencing is all-important.

An amoeba differs from a human being in the sequence of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen along its genes, not in the atoms themselves. The fact that empty spaces, or gaps, between genetic material are so important brings us back to the void, where something is arranging random events so that they are meaningful.

Once a form has been created, it has to be remembered in order to stay together. The universe remembers what it has created and meshes it with older systems. The Earth’s ecosystem is a good example. Life-forms constantly relate to each other in exquisite balance. The oxygen given off by plants during photosynthesis, for example, would eventually poison the entire atmosphere, killing off all vegetation that needs carbon dioxide, were it not for the evolution of animals, which consume the oxygen and return carbon dioxide back to plants.

This extremely complex balance can be traced back to the void, where every single fluctuation of virtual energy is passed along and absorbed by a virtual particle in need of energy.

The basic pattern is very simple, but when trillions of energy exchanges are involved every second, as they are with life on Earth, the ecosystem’s ability to keep one form separate from another, yet in dynamic relationship, is mind-boggling.

Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).


Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago


Luis J.
Luis Miguel J8 years ago

Nice post, really interesting.

Roger Cotman
Roger Cotman8 years ago

YOU live in a world of TIME and SPACE. You are living in a different world than God's world. Hence you cannot understand Him.
Time and space are both illusions - they are MAYA - Illusion.
Maya means that which appears to be real - but is not.
Maya is that which you can see - but is not real.
You are MAYA and illusion - you do not exist. You only exist in TIME and SPACE. Outside of time and space - there is no 'you'.
You NEED time and space to exist.
Take away TIME - and you disappear.
Take away SPACE - and you disappear.
All your questions are WITHIN time and space. The truth is OUTSIDE of time and space - hence you will never understand truth.
Drop time and space - and you ARE the truth and you have no more questions. All questions were within the trap of time and space.
Questions like: WHEN (time) will I meet God?
WHERE (space) is God?
What will happen to me after my death?
(all happening is within time and space; in God's world nothing happens).
Also there is no 'you' because you require time and space to exist.
Coming back to the question of WHO you are, any answer within time and space is false - unreal. You are that which is beyond time and space. You cannot be anything else. You are already that which you seek. God is all there is.
All our life we collect concepts - thinking that we are becoming wise. Wisdom comes only when you drop all concepts. Truth dawns only in emptiness.

Jessica S.
Jessica S8 years ago

thank you

Svjetlana Kovac

Great article. So beautifully described the universal energy.

Gabriel D.
Doiron Gabriel8 years ago

I liked Mr. Chopra's speech on PBS on the book of The third Jesus.

Gabriel D.
Doiron Gabriel8 years ago

the universe is made of life giving substances but also life taking substances as well.

Sean K.
Sean K8 years ago

So by the process of chemical additives from past data, the magnetic response is automatic. All chemicals, minerals and such are completely stable in its entirety, once the process of separation from its original source and combined with other chemicalese compounds form the data through feelings , desire to be real in its expeience here and now.

Christopher Everson

Form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than form.

Jeff W.
Jeff W8 years ago

our ecosystem here on earth simply mirrors what is happening throughout the universe!... but, somewhat much less violently!!!